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Monday, August 26, 2013
The Real American Dream
Fifty years ago this week, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech. How would Dr. King see the current racial situation in America? would he approve of a civil rights movement that continues to blame America for the problems encountered by blacks rather than encouraging personal responsibility as a way to achieve individual success? We'll discuss it tonight.
Reaction to the Talking Points
Guest: Juan Williams
Juan Williams responds to Bill's Talking Points and weighs in on the current state of the African American community.
Chaos in Syria
Guest: Karl Rove
Earlier today, Secretary of State John Kerry hinted that the USA will hold Syria responsible for poison gas attacks on citizens. How has President Obama handled the chaos overseas so far? What should his next step be? Karl Rove weighs in.
Another Brutal Murder
Guest: Alan Colmes
Police in Spokane, Washington have arrested two 16 year old African American teenagers for killing an 88 year old World War 2 vet. Police say the man was apparently the target of a robbery and beaten to death by the teens. What does this crime say about American culture. We'll discuss it tonight with Alan Colmes.
Honest Reporting from Newtork News?
Guest: Bernie Goldberg
Bernie has closely been watching the network news coverage of the murders of Chris Lane in Oklahoma and Delbert Belton in Spoken, WA. Are they covering the cases closely? Has their reporting been accurate? Bernie tells you what he thinks tonight.
Watters' World Dumbest Moments
Guest: Jesse Watters
The Factor's "Watters' World" segment has been running for about 2 years. Over that period of time many, many dumb things have been said in those segments. Tonight we bring to you the most absurd things ever said on "Watters' World".
Teach Your Children Well
While not all of us will be heroes like Sgt. Ty Carter, who received the Medal of Honor Monday, you should try to instill into your children the courage to meet life's many challenges.
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