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Week of 12/10
1. Which former national leader has announced that he will again run for his country's top spot?
   Silvio Berlusconi, Italy
   Helmut Kohl, Germany
   Nicolas Sarkozy, France
   Brian Mulroney, Canada
   Tony Blair, United Kingdom
2. Sportswriter Jason Whitlock, whose anti-gun article was the foundation for Bob Costas' rant, compared the NRA to which organization?
   Ku Klux Klan
   Hitler's Stormtroopers
   Westboro Baptist Church
3. Which nation now has the highest debt, measured as a percentage of its overall economy?
   United States
4. A labor union has produced an animated cartoon showing rich people urinating on the poor. Who does the union represent?
   Federal workers
5. The documentary series "Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States," which blames America for pretty much everything, airs on what network?
   Spike TV
   Current TV
6. President Obama invited some MSNBC hosts to the White House last week to discuss tax policy. Who was not at the meeting?
   Ed Schultz
   Al Sharpton
   Chris Matthews
   Rachel Maddow
   Lawrence O'Donnell
7. These are not the best of times for Roger Goodell, who heads which organization?
   The New York Times
   National Football League
   National Rifle Association
   Republican National Committee
   National Organization for Marriage
8. This man claims he is being mistreated in prison. Who?
   Wesley Snipes
   Bernie Madoff
   Ted Kaczynski
   Jerry Sandusky
   Charles Manson
9. Vogue editor Anna Wintour, rumored to be in the running for a top-level ambassadorship, last year published an adoring profile of which tyrant?
   Kim Jong Un
   Bashar Assad
   Hugo Chavez
   Robert Mugabe
   Mohamed Morsi
10. Congress has voted to eliminate all uses of a particular word in any federal law. Which word?

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