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Week of 04/08
1. Who succeeded the late Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister?
   Tony Blair
   John Major
   Edward Heath
   Gordon Brown
   James Callaghan
2. There were a few bright spots in Friday's bleak employment report. In which field are jobs increasing?
   Health care
3. About 40% of American babies are now born to single mothers. Which state has the lowest percentage of out-of-wedlock births?
   North Dakota
4. A bipartisan group of Senators, the so-called "Gang of Eight," has been trying to craft an immigration bill. Who is not a gang member?
   Ted Cruz, TX
   Marco Rubio, FL
   John McCain, AZ
   Chuck Schumer, NY
   Robert Menendez, NJ
5. The federal government will hire tens of thousands of people to help guide Americans through the complex rules of Obamacare. What are they called?
6. She likes guns, she owns a gun, and she shot a gun in self-defense. Who?
   Joy Behar
   Maya Angelou
   Rachel Maddow
   Rosie O'Donnell
   Sonia Sotomayor
7. Columbia University has hired former Weather Underground radical Kathy Boudin, who served 22 years in prison for what?
   Armed robbery
8. A government official apologized after describing California's Kamala Harris as "the best looking attorney general" in America. Who?
   President Obama
   Vice President Biden
   Governor Jerry Brown
   FBI Director Robert Mueller
   U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder
9. The Associated Press has banned its writers from using which term?
   Sex offender
   Religious right
   American Indian
   Illegal immigrant
   Husband and wife
10. Ratings-starved CNN is about to revive what program that was once a mainstay on the network.
   In the Arena
   Capital Gang
   The Spin Room
   Larry King Live

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