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Week of 2/17
1. In a major defeat for the United Auto Workers, employees at which Tennessee plant voted against union representation?
2. Since the Winter Olympics began in 1924, which nation has won the most medals?
   Soviet Union
   United States
3. Where in Russia is NSA leaker Edward Snowden presumed to be at the moment?
   St. Petersburg
4. When pollsters recently asked Americans what the federal government should focus on this year, which issue came in dead last?
   Health care
   Climate change
5. Facebook is offering its users more than 50 options when it comes to describing themselves in which category?
   Social class
   Income bracket
   Political affiliation
   Relationship status
6. Which MSNBC host was a guest at last week's White House state dinner in honor of French President Francois Hollande?
   Ed Schultz
   Al Sharpton
   Joe Scarborough
   Melissa Harris-Perry
7. An inmate has reportedly been trying to commit suicide by refusing food. Who?
   Jodi Arias
   O.J. Simpson
   Bernie Madoff
   Charles Manson
   Bradley Manning
8. Last week Woman's Day magazine gave which man its "Red Dress" award?
   Bill Clinton
   Chris Brown
   Woody Allen
   Charlie Sheen
   Roman Polanski
9. Comedian Sid Caesar, who died last week at age 91, hosted TV's "Your Show of Shows" in the early 50's. Who was his female comic sidekick?
   Elaine May
   Mary Healy
   Anne Meara
   Imogene Coca
   Moms Mabley
10. Which city has the highest average rent in the nation, with a 700-square-foot apartment going for $2,400 a month?
   Boston, MA
   Honolulu, HI
   Williston, ND
   New York, NY
   San Francisco, CA

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