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Week of 3/31
1. Republican Mike Rogers, head of the House Intelligence Committee, will resign from Congress. What is his next job?
   Washington lobbyist
   Radio talk show host
   Syndicated columnist
   University of Michigan chancellor
   President of the Heritage Foundation
2. Jeremiah Denton, who died last week at 89, was shot down over North Vietnam and held as a POW for eight years. What position did he later hold?
   Head of the FBI
   Delta Airlines CEO
   United States Senator
   Ambassador to Vietnam
   Commandant of the Marine Corps
3. According to Vice President Biden, 11-million illegal immigrants are what?
   Virtual prisoners
   Political refugees
   Future Democrats
   American citizens
   Our greatest assets
4. Last week President Obama traveled to the Netherlands, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and what other nation?
5. Approximately how much does it cost per hour to operate Air Force One?
6. In which nation are same-sex couples now legally permitted to marry?
   All of the Above
7. The publication "Business Insider" has hired which former pol to write a weekly column?
   Eliot Spitzer
   Mike Rogers
   John Edwards
   Anthony Weiner
   Rod Blagojevich
8. Which state is totally junking its troubled ObamaCare website?
9. The five wealthiest congressional districts in America have something in common (in addition to lots of money.) What?
   In California
   East of the Mississippi
   Represented by Democrats
   North of Mason-Dixon Line
   Located in or near state capitals
10. Which organization tied an all-time record for futility by losing for the 26th consecutive time last week?
   Philadelphia 76ers
   Milwaukee Bucks
   Edmonton Oilers

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