Bill O'Reilly
October 4, 2017
Bill O'Reilly and Former FBI Agent Jonathan Gilliam on the Las Vegas Slaughter

For more on the Las Vegas slaughter, Bill was joined in the studio by Jonathan Gilliam, formerly a Navy SEAL and FBI agent.  Gilliam explained why the murderer, despite having a huge arsenal of weapons, was not flagged by the FBI.  "Having multiple guns is not against the law," he declared, "and so there was no flag.  But if you try to buy a fully automatic weapon, which requires a dealer's license, that will send up a red flag.  The Second Amendment allows us to have weapons and the FBI's job is not to tell people whether they can have one gun or 20."

Gilliam implied that gun control is never going to stop people like this madman from carrying out similar acts.  "This is a reminder that once guns were invented, they will never be out of the hands of bad guys.  But police have to start anticipating that something like this can happen.  They didn't have counter-snipers like they have at many sporting events."  Bill agreed, saying, "If you have a mass gathering, start getting those snipers out there."

Posted by Bill O'Reilly