Bill O'Reilly
October 4, 2017
Bill O'Reilly and Lorna Carrasquillo on the Disaster in Puerto Rico

Turning to the disaster in Puerto Rico, where President Trump visited Tuesday, Bill spoke via Skype with Lorna Carrasquillo, assistant manager of the Marriott Hotel in San Juan.  She analyzed the local infrastructure and complaints that the feds have not done enough.  "The island was not ready," she said, "so we need all the help we can get.  It's not getting here as fast as we like, but we see more movement right now.  The area where I work is recovering faster than others." 

Bill reminded her that Geraldo Rivera has been reporting that the power company is a disaster and its equipment is antiquated.  "The truth is," she replied, without agreeing or disagreeing, "that 95% of the island doesn't have power.  Our electricity company is working hard to get it back, but the results are not being seen.  We all need to put aside our political beliefs and work together to reconstruct our island."

Posted by Bill O'Reilly