Bill O'Reilly
October 12, 2017
Bill O'Reilly and Sid Rosenberg Discuss the NFL & the Cultural Civil War

For more on the NFL situation, Bill welcomed radio talk show host Sid Rosenberg, who has spent much of his career in sports broadcasting.  "We do have a cultural civil war here," Rosenberg began.  "I do believe there are voices that need to be heard, but it is disingenuous the way they are doing this.  Why not gather in Chicago, where kids are being killed every day?  This is getting nothing done!"  Bill suggested that about 10% of police officers, like 10% of pretty much any group, are not doing a good job.  "Kaepernick wanted to publicize police brutality," he pointed out, "but then he wore socks portraying police officers as pigs.  So what kind of credibility does Colin Kaepernick have?" 

Rosenberg agreed that Kaepernick's credibility is close to zero, and he again stressed that these protests are misplaced.  "Most of the crime is committed in the African American community," he stated, "so it's pretty obvious that more African Americans will be pulled over.  Let's be more accountable for our own communities and there will be fewer incidents."  Rosenberg concluded that there is probably very little that will convince some players to respect the flag and the National Anthem, saying, "They've already made up their minds that what they are doing is fine."  Bill ended the segment by declaring, "Trump won!" 

Posted by Bill O'Reilly