Extreme Measures
By: Bill O'ReillyJuly 12, 2018
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Extreme Measures
Somehow, the Democratic Party believes the road back to power must include driving on the left even though America has always been a right side country.
This week the extreme rhetoric from the left included demands to dismantle ICE, telling American women they might be killed by a Supreme Court nominee, and opposing a marketing campaign by the University of Wyoming that features cowboys.  According to liberal loons on campus, cowboys conjure up the image of a heterosexual, white man and that is unacceptable to the “inclusion” crowd.
While the press is openly sympathetic to the hard left madness, the folks are getting annoyed.  Very annoyed.  It is hard to see the South and Midwest supporting any liberal democrat running this November.
In Florida, a key battleground state, it looks like Governor Rick Scott will pound liberal Senator Bill Nelson.  Place your bets now.
Because the left wing echo chamber is so loud, Democrats are missing signs of catastrophe.  Yes, President Trump is bombastic and rude.  But his base has accepted his presentation and stands firm behind him.  
Liberal political rallies are actually frightening with a thread of violence in the air.  
Trump rallies are more like theatre, with many folks showing up for the verbal entertainment.
It was interesting to see the two socialists Bernie Sanders and Bill DeBlasio socializing together at Bernie’s Vermont lakefront estate recently.  
Both men want to be President.  
Neither ever will be.
While Donald Trump is derided by many hard left people as an ignorant boor, he is clearly outwitting the liberal zealots.  His Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, comes across as a nice guy and a patriotic American.  So, when Democratic Senators inevitability attack him on television during the confirmation hearings, the country will once again see left-wing hate on display.
That will be unsettling to many independent voters who may not like the President, but know unhinged diatribes when they hear them.  Paging Robert De Niro.
The truth is that the Democratic Party does not have an effective leader and most of their wannabes have a tendency to say foolish and deceitful things.  That will not subside and is actually celebrated by Hollywood and the media - who apparently have forgotten that Election Day is less than five months away.