Bill O'Reilly
February 28, 2018
Media Outlets Continue to Fall for Bogus Stories
You may have noticed that we did not cover the CNN story where a South Florida student who witnessed the horrendous school shooting, accused the news network of feeding him scripted questions for a televised Town Hall show. That story was reported as truth by many but now it turns out it was false - CNN did not script any questions.
The reason I ignored the story was that I knew it was most likely bogus.  No TV person would script something like that because it is too easy to get caught.  And then your career is over.
CNN, itself, is no longer a reliable source of information.  So, it’s easy to believe the bad things that are said about the network.  But easy is not what accurate reporting is all about.  Allegations are not facts.  Once again, some members of the media have fallen for a bogus story.
That will not happen on because we are experienced and honest.  I despise CNN for its false reporting about me, and it’s undeniable bias favoring the left.
But I will report stories about CNN honestly and will scrutinize all information that crosses my desk.
That’s what sets us apart from the press pack.  And, I hope, that’s why you are here.
More CNN analysis tonight on the No Spin News beginning at 7 eastern time.  Hope to you see you then.
Posted by Bill O'Reilly