Taking on Hillary Clinton
By: BOR StaffSeptember 6, 2016
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The Factor invited Donald Trump himself to evaluate the campaign and his disproportional appeal to men. "A lot of support from men," he surmised, "has to do with the military and the strength of the borders. Hillary wants Syrian refugees to pour into our country and I do not. But I also think I'll do very well with women and we are now doing very well with married women, which is also about national security and jobs. I'm not sure there is such a big difference." Trump also theorized that polls may be understating his support among black Americans. "I'm talking about bringing back our jobs and I had a tremendous experience last week with African Americans. The reaction in Detroit was amazing, these are people of faith who were so warm and so genuine. This was a love fest!" Trump contended that he is doing very well in the swing states that will decide the Electoral College, although he did concede, "The Republican Party has a tougher road." 

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