The Most Important Problem in the USA
By: Bill O'ReillyFebruary 23, 2017
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According to a brand new CBS News poll, it is immigration.  More Americans want that situation dealt with than any other current problem.

Right now 39% of Americans approve of the way President Trump is handling the immigration issue.

Fifty-five-percent disapprove.

Now that number should come as no surprise because the media in general has hammered the president for his aggressive order to remove criminal aliens.

As you saw last night on The Factor, the left does not want to consider the word criminal, instead always falling back on peaceful migrants.

ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA, FMR L.A. MAYOR (D): “It's immoral to divide mothers from their children in the way that they are beginning to do now. ((EDIT)) They have expanded the definition of a criminal offense to include crossing the border multiple times to come back to your family, to include using fake documents so when you are stopped that you are not deported, to include using driving without a driver's license when you couldn't get a driver's license.”

So let's think about what the former mayor of Los Angeles just said.  He's okay with illegal aliens defying deportation multiple times to "come back to your family."

What does that mean?

Does the mayor want open borders?

Sounds like it.

How about his rationalization of using fake documents?

He's fine with it because everyone should be allowed in here with no restraints.

Same thing with licenses.  Why should states issue the privilege to drive to people who are not supposed to be in the country in the first place?

That make any sense to you?

So when you examine the illegal immigration situation without emotional politics, it all comes back to the law.

That being said, Talking Points believes the law should be changed.

There should be a generous guest worker program put into place so American businesses have access to labor that they need.

Also, the illegal aliens already here should have a hearing, all of them, to determine whether their presence is benefitting the country.

That would take a while and the aliens would have to register, but let's be fair on this issue.

For decades the federal government has turned the other way while migrants came in here, there's no question about that.

So while the individual illegal alien did violate immigration law, our federal government permitted it.

It's like the teacher who lets students run around the classroom for weeks then suddenly says they are all suspended.

Now the apathy on immigration is going to change because President Trump wants the rule of law to be re-established in America.

South of the border it is depressing to watch the Mexican government object to a lawful display by America.

What nerve.  It's entirely Mexico's fault that millions of their citizens feel they have to come here to earn a decent living.

Canada doesn't have that problem, but Mexico does and always has because their system is chaotic.

Same thing with the violent drug cartels.  The government of Mexico cannot control them, so we're not entitled to put up a barrier to try to prevent poison from coming into this country?

That's just insulting.

Mexico should take full responsibility for its inability to provide a decent economy for its own people and for failing to defeat drug peddling monsters.

But they never will.

And that's the memo.

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