What the Next President Should Do to Save America
By: Bill O'ReillyMarch 21, 2016
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Many Americans, myself included, are getting tired of stale rhetoric by politicians on both sides.

The harsh truth is, most of what they say will never happen.

That's why people are so angry, because the words simply disappear after the votes are cast.

The next president will be facing complex problems that have been festering for years.

First, income inequality.

Working Americans ... not getting ahead.  This has been going on for decades.

The reason is companies do not have to pay unskilled workers decent salaries because there's too much competition at that level.

If you don't have a skill, are poorly educated, and are not willing to move to where the jobs are, you're in trouble.

And millions of Americans find themselves in that very place.

The solution to income inequality is not big government giveaways.  Senator Sanders is peddling a myth.

Income inequality can only be overcome by education.

The next president has to level with the folks.  You must learn a skill and you must know how to conduct yourself in the marketplace.

Public schools receiving taxpayer money have to be revamped, emphasizing basic educational skills and providing courses that are job-targeted.

Remember shop?

The crux of all this income business is an inability to compete.  Public schools must deal directly with that.

The second thing the new president must do is mobilize NATO to defeat the jihad.

This is long overdue.  The most powerful military alliance on Earth must confront Islamic terrorism and provide safe zones for refugees.

Right now, the jihad is on the move in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

President Obama has dithered, allowing ISIS and other groups to grow stronger.

That has got to stop.

If some NATO countries will not cooperate, they should be expelled.

Finally, immigration and border security.

There is no question a wall between the USA and Mexico is needed simply to stop the tons of hard narcotics flowing into America.

The drug cartels control much of Mexico and that is not likely to improve anytime soon.

We need to stop the madness and secure our border.

A wall will not solve every problem but it can be effective, as the Israelis have shown the world.  Once an effective barrier is accomplished, illegal aliens currently living here can be dealt with in a fair way.

They will all have to register, and Congress should pass a series of new laws defining their status.

Those who have broken immigration law are not entitled to citizenship.  But we can be humane and allow some of them to work off a punishment in return for a green card. 

So, those are the top three priorities for the new president and now Talking Points has a simple question.

Do you believe any of the candidates could accomplish those things?

And that's the memo.