Bill O'Reilly
September 8, 2017
When Does the Media Love Christianity?
When Does the Media Love Christianity?

You probably know the answer to the above question.  The media praises Christianity only when the Christian in question is a left-wing politician. 

What brings this up is a long and nauseating piece in the Boston Globe which essentially beatified Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. 

"Elizabeth Warren's Christian faith is deep and authentic," gushed reporter Victoria McGrane, "and it informs her work as a senator."  How does McGrane or anyone else know whether anyone's faith is "authentic?" 

We were also assured that Senator Warren is never without her Bible, "a well-worn King James version she has had since the fourth grade." 

Can you imagine the Boston Globe or its former owner, the New York Times, writing that kind of puffery about a Republican?  Mike Huckabee, for example, is an ordained Southern Baptist minister, but most of the swells at the Globe surely despise the man. 

This drill is all very familiar and predictable:  Religion as practiced by Jesse Jackson, Hillary Clinton, Al Sharpton, and their fellow travelers on the left is uplifting and honorable.  Religion as practiced by Ted Cruz, Robert Jeffress, and Sarah Palin is worthy of nothing but ridicule. 

But let's get back to Elizabeth Warren and that well-worn Bible of hers.  Like all of us, she has done plenty of things that are not advised by the Ten Commandments.  A few examples: 

- She was paid some $400,000 to teach a single class at Harvard Law School.  If Senator Warren checks that Bible, the Gospel of Matthew says it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God.  Presumably that also applies to women, even highly esteemed law professors. 

- While residing in Oklahoma, Warren made some very nice pocket change buying and selling homes.  In one case she managed to turn a 383% profit in five months by flipping a home in Oklahoma City.  There is nothing illegal about making dough, but she acted more like those Biblical money-changers than the fellow who ran them out of the Temple. 

- Elizabeth Warren almost certainly lied about her ancestry to advance her career.  It's a subject that she scrupulously avoids and evades, but somewhere along the line Warren checked a box and claimed Cherokee ancestry.  It certainly helped her in the world of academia, but there is this little thing in that Bible about lying.  The Boston Globe, by the way, was glad to aid and abet Warren's bogus claims. 

- When it comes to abortion, which went unmentioned in the Boston Globe article, the Senator from Massachusetts is about as extreme as can be.  She not only endorses late-term abortion, but she wants you to pay for it via federal funds.  When faced with videos showing Planned Parenthood officials haggling over the price of baby parts, Warren questioned not the abhorrent practice, but the veracity of the video evidence. 

All of this is not to say that Senator Warren is not genuine in her faith.  No one, not even a worshipful writer for the Boston Globe, can know what is in her heart and soul.  She may well read from that Bible every single day and do her utmost to follow its teachings. 

This is more about the dishonest media than it is about one woman.  The Globe, like most media outlets, sees Elizabeth Warren as a potential presidential candidate, someone who can lead them to the elusive promised land of unfettered immigration, universal health care, "free" college tuition, and unrestricted abortion. 

But before 2020 comes 2018, and Senator Warren is being challenged for her Senate seat by, among others, a brilliant scientist and entrepreneur named Shiva Ayyadurai.  He was actually born in India and is naturally using the slogan, "Only a real Indian can defeat a fake Indian." 

The Boston Globe, New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN, and all the other left-wing media outlets will do whatever it takes to get Elizabeth Warren reelected to the Senate.  Even if it means turning her into a Bible-toting, God-fearing woman whose faith is not to be questioned. 

That second term in the Senate will be one more stepping stone on the road to the White House, which is what many in the left-wing media are hoping for.  Actually, they're doing more than just hoping.  They're praying.

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