Two Personal Letters from President George H. W. Bush to Bill O'Reilly
December 4, 2018

On this week’s “No Spin News,” Bill O’Reilly made public two letters written to him by former President George H.W. Bush.

Bush 41 asked Bill not to make these letters public until after his death.

Here is the first letter on Iran Contra. 

Dear Bill,

I watched the tape you sent me and was amazed at hearing Michael Dukakis claim that Iran Contra was worse than the Clinton’s obstructions of justice and lying under oath, for which our President was indicted and in the House impeached.

I don't believe I was ever subject to Mr. Walsh's vendetta against Reagan. Certainly I was never indicted. Should there have been any merit to what Dukakis said you can bet that a highly partisan Democratic controlled House would have had hearings and tried to “get me.” They did just that on their crazy charge about my meeting Iranians in Paris to try to get Iran to keep Americans in captivity so Reagan could win in 1988. Crazy, but they did just that-- only to strike out.

I never lied, nor was it ever seriously alleged that I lied. I did pardon some of the indictees and I have never had any regrets about doing that.

To check my memory I'm sending the tape along to my White House counsel, Boyden Gray, asking that he look at the Dukakis charge, then, in total confidence, to contact you about what Dukakis said. These comments are passed along to you under the guidelines outlined by you in paragraph three of your letter. 

I watched your show a lot while we were basing out of our Maine house. Now for some reason known only to God and perhaps Roger Ailes, Fox is not carried on our Warner cable here. I have hollered to them about it, but to no avail.

Good luck.

Here is the second letter on press bias.

December 8, 2007 

Dear Bill,

Your letter just landed on my desk. Now for your off-the-record request: 

First, I agree with you about national press bias. There are of course exceptions, but for the most part I think there is clear favoritism for the liberals and for the Democrats. Of course I may be biased because some like the N.Y. Times (they are the worst) mercilessly hammer the President all the time, and I don’t like it. Surprise!

You ask about ’88 and ’92. I felt I got much fairer treatment in 1988 than in 1992. I don’t recall any advice on dealing with the press from my friend President Reagan during the 1988 campaign. He may have given some advice, but if he did I have forgotten it. An old age thing perhaps. 

Fairly or unfairly I felt the national press was almost unanimously opposed to my re-election in 1992, favoring Bill Clinton instead. The major network coverage was clearly for Clinton and against me.

I feel that President Reagan got a bad rap when some wrote that Reagan did not care if I won or not. I am told his diaries, which I have not read, laid to rest some of that criticism. I never felt he held back or did not want me to win. 

You ask about Barbara. Well, she is doing very well. We have a joint problem however. We watch The Factor every night. I tape it so we can skip some of the ads, but we faithfully watch it that same night. Also we noted that in your White House interview you treated the President with respect and in a very fair way, and that means a lot to his proud, totally supportive parents.

Merry Christmas and have a wonderful 2008.

George H. W. Bush

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Two Personal Letters from President George H. W. Bush to Bill O'Reilly
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