Corruption, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
December 9, 2023


The word "corruption" is to easily thrown around. It is a dangerous thing, especially when embraced by the powerful, so caution should be used when alleging it.

The case of Hunter Biden is an incredibly vivid example of corruption by the federal government. The situation rivals Watergate and the Teapot Dome scandal, engineered by members of President Warren Harding's cabinet.

Because of Hunter, the Biden administration will go down in history alongside Richard Nixon and the Teapot.

The following facts are not in dispute.

From 2014 to 2019, Hunter Biden amassed millions of dollars selling influence to foreign concerns. The son of President Biden used his father's name in multiple financial deals where foreign nationals were promised access to the elder Biden.

The IRS, flagged by banks, began investigating Hunter during the Trump administration. But little happened even though it was obvious Hunter Biden had dodged his federal tax obligation for years. How obvious? He didn't even file.


In a press conference on December 21, 2020, Trump Attorney General William Barr said he had full confidence in the Hunter Biden investigation and would not appoint a Special Prosecutor even though his boss, President Trump, favored that.

Barr was either badly mistaken or corrupt.

The incoming Attorney General under President Biden, Merrick Garland, also refused to appoint an independent counsel, saying the U.S. Attorney in Delaware, David Weiss, was doing a fine job.

That was a ludicrous and perhaps dishonest statement.

After at least five years of probing, Weiss finally charged Hunter with two misdemeanor tax violations and a low-level gun possession illegality. A corrupt plea bargain was reached where Hunter Biden would spend no time in prison.

Enter two IRS investigators who testified under oath that Weiss and Garland had no intention of getting to the truth of the matter. That happened on July 19 of this year.

Almost a month later, a federal judge rejected the corrupt deal put forth by the Justice Department. In an incredible display of arrogance, Garland signed off on that deal despite the testimony of the whistleblowers.

He couldn't be bothered with that.

Amazingly corrupt.

Up until this point, the powerful corporate news agencies, especially The Washington Post of Watergate fame, The New York Times, and NBC News, basically covered for the Biden family, even attacking those seeking the truth. In fact, only a very few media outlets, like The New York Post, pursued the story.

That abdication of journalistic responsibility lays the "corrupt" label on the American press. And there's no doubt about it.

Last week, under enormous pressure because of the Congressional testimony, the Justice Department filed three new felony charges and six misdemeanors against Hunter Biden. Essentially, the 56-page indictment says he broke tax law for three years from 2016 to 2019.

Whistleblowers allege Hunter's crimes began in 2014, but the statute of limitations has run out, which some believe was a goal of Garland's crew all along.

So, Merrick Garland and his merry men somehow cobbled all these new charges together in less than four months when the G-men were on the case five years prior to that.

Get the picture? There's more.

The latest federal indictment is filed in California, where Hunter Biden spent much of his time. But, the U.S. Attorney in that state is not cited in the court papers. Why? Because he flat-out refused to investigate Hunter Biden.

His name is Martin Estrada. He is still working for Merrick Garland. That is corruption.

The feds knew long ago that Hunter Biden was selling influence, dodging taxes, and literally spending millions on cocaine, sex workers, and luxury automobiles. Attorney General Garland knew President Biden knew, Jill Biden knew, and the corporate media knew.

But all of them did not want you to know because that revelation would have hurt the Democratic Party and the Progressive Movement, which controls it.

Corruption? Off the chart.

Even Warren Harding would be appalled.

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Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 12:00 AM
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Corruption, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
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