Reality Check
August 27, 2023

My union, SAG-AFTRA, continues its strike against the Hollywood studios. This has been going on for about five weeks, and it is brutal. Most union members don't make all that much money, to begin with, and because of AI and other societal changes, the entertainment future is not bright.

Television will be affected the most. Programs like "Blue Bloods" and "NCIS Tupelo" are not filming. So-called "series" TV has joined San Francisco in the doom loop.

Therefore, we the people, are left with "reality" shows like "Dancing with the Special Counsels" and "America's Got Talent."

The "America's Got" franchise should be expanded this fall to include the following.

- America's Got Indictments. Each week, three politicians compete to see who will be charged with a felony first. Host: Rod Blagoveich.

- America's Got Hunter. The son of the president and his crew hustle various countries to see how much money they can grift in each episode. Host: Jill Biden.

- America's Got Migrants. This competition involves pitting border counties against one another to see who can admit the most illegal aliens in a 24-hour period. Host: Kamala "Root Cause" Harris.

- America's Got Tattoos. With a third of adults putting ink on their bodies, there will be no shortage of contestants attempting to see who can gross out the studio audience the most. Hosts: a rotating group of NBA players.

- America's Got Pot. Catchy title featuring cities competing to see who can air pollute the most with weed smoke. Host: Willie Nelson.

- America's Got Taylor. Each week, a group of Taylor Swift look-a-likes perform in a homage to the most popular singer in the world. Trans contestants are encouraged. Host: Dylan Mulvaney.

- And finally, America's Got Don and Joe. Each week, two contestants are selected to act out a presidential debate. Topics will include hiding documents, selling influence, personal insults, rigging elections, rioting at the Capitol, and falling asleep during a memorial service in Maui. Host: Michelle Obama.

Now, come on. The above are monster concepts. America deserves to see those shows.

Let's do it - Hollywood people!

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Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 11:21 AM
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Reality Check
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