The Truth about the Vote
November 22, 2020

Because I am a simple man, I pose an elementary question: do you believe the corporate media wants to know if there was any corruption in the presidential election? Simple yes or no answer will do.

Time's up!  The answer is NO!  With capital letters.

President Trump believes the vote was compromised in a number of places.  So do many of his supporters.  But, so far, solid legal evidence, the kind federal court rulings should be based upon, is scant.

From the beginning of the controversy, I have said the probe must start with analytics, the math.  So, what are the odds that a 600,000 vote Trump lead on election night in Pennsylvania, can turn into a significant loss after mail-in votes are counted?  Is that a ten percent chance?  50 percent?  What percentage of Pennsylvania mail-ins went for Biden?

That kind of data is exactly how serious election doubt is raised.  But analytics has not been introduced on a significant level in the vote controversy.

Why not?

Can’t answer that definitively, but educated speculation points to incompetence on the part of the Trump campaign.

If you take nutty left California out of the popular vote, Joe Biden won by about a million.  Far less than one percent of votes cast.  That means the country is equally divided with almost 74 million folks rejecting Biden.

So it’s easy to allege fraud against Trump as there is an enormous audience ready and willing to entertain that prospect.  Add to that the fact that the corrupt American press won’t even consider electoral corruption - after it hysterically hyped bogus Russian electoral interference for two years - and you have very bitter feelings about the election of 2020 that are damaging the nation.

Since the November 3 vote, I have compiled a massive amount of electoral information for my news agency on  My fact-based assessment is that some democrat election officials in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas) cheated by breaking a variety of state mandated voting rules.

It is impossible for anyone to say whether the deceit was enough to win entire states for Mr. Biden. That’s where analytics could produce powerful circumstantial evidence. The federal judges might consider an evidence package based upon sworn affidavits and scientific “probability.”

But no such package has been produced and the Trump campaign is facing doom as state certifications loom in early December.

That’s exactly where we are.  And it is certainly not a good place for the United States of America.

Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 12:12 PM
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The Truth about the Vote
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