Media Reaction to O'Reilly's Interview with President Trump
November 27, 2019

Bill O’Reilly sat down to interview President Donald J. Trump in a wide-ranging radio interview that was first made available to Premium Members of this website on Tuesday night, and will air on radio stations in all major markets and across the country over Thanksgiving week.

O'Reilly has interviewed President Trump more times than any other person, and he managed to get the president on the record about a wide range of topics - from Ukraine, to Mexico, to the out-of-control debt and more. 

One specific statement by the President made the news almost immediately. Discussing Ukraine, the President denied sending his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine on his behalf. Here's some reaction to that statement:

  • The Giuliani clip even ran on MSNBC...

Another big topic of the interview was border security and how to effectively deal with the Mexican drug cartels.

President Trump revealed his next course of action in dealing with the cartels: designating them as Foreign Terrorist Organizations. This will give U.S. forces more leverage to effectively take out the cartels.  

This prompted a swift response from the Mexican government, apparently news to them.

Various outlets also picked up on this new development.

Many used the entire deal as an opportunity to bash President Trump and O'Reilly, but some media people had kind words.

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Media Reaction to O'Reilly's Interview with President Trump
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