NEWSMAX: Bill O'Reilly to Matt Lauer: 'My Conscience Is Clear'
September 20, 2017

An allegation of sexual harassment against a high-profile media figure effectively becomes a conviction without a trial, former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly told NBC's "Today" show Tuesday.

On Sunday, Newsmax published an exclusive report that revealed one of O'Reilly's primary accusers was arrested by Detroit police in 2015 for filing a false report with police. Many observers say her accusations may have precipitated O'Reilly's departure from the network, after dominating cable news ratings for nearly two decades.

O'Reilly told Matt Lauer Tuesday that virtually every major company in the country has faced sexual harassment claims, and often settle them out of court regardless of the evidence.

"Because you can't win those lawsuits," O'Reilly shot back. "If you're a public figure, you cannot win them … but the collateral damage of these lawsuits, the press frenzy — every allegation is a conviction.

"Every allegation in this area is a conviction," he reiterated. "They don't look for the truth."

O'Reilly added that in 42 years, he's never been the subject of a Human Resources complaint at any of the 12 companies where he was employed.

"My conscience is clear," he told Lauer. "What I have done is organized a legal team to get the truth to the American people so if you go to or, you'll see an article about one of the accusers of me, okay, who was arrested for filing a false police report. And I want people to read it and make up their own mind."

In a Monday afternoon appearance on Sean Hannity's nationally-syndicated radio show, O'Reilly remarked: "I never saw the woman, I never had a conversation with the woman, no idea who she is.

"So it's a stunning article, but you're  not going to get the mainstream media to give it a lot of play, even though they ran with what she smeared me, no problem, didn't vet her, nobody looked into her background and here we go."

The same documents and information that formed the basis of Newsmax's exclusive report also were provided to The Washington Post, but its editors spiked the story after an internal debate at the highest levels.

In an exclusive interview with Newsmax on Monday, O'Reilly stated: "I was happy that The Washington Post was interested in hearing my side of the story, which I provided to them. I was very surprised when the story did not run, because the documentation that is available of Miss Burgess is so clear and not in dispute.

"I will say as a journalist this is a legitimate story...after printing all of her allegations in the Washington Post, it would seem to me to be fair to tell this story accurately." 

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NEWSMAX: Bill O'Reilly to Matt Lauer: 'My Conscience Is Clear'
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