Biden's Bad August
August 25, 2021

Joe Biden is not having a good August. Right now he’s being held hostage in the White House and cannot vacation at his Delaware beach house, something he very much wants to do.

In addition, his job approval rating has dropped to 41 percent according to a USA Today poll.  And every time he tries to explain how well he’s handling Afghanistan, he drops a few more points.

His media friends are trying to figure out how to save him but that’s not going well either.  Yesterday, Fox News commentator Juan Williams wrote that Mr. Biden was doing a heckuva job getting the USA away from the Taliban.  Laughter broke out across all time zones.

By the way, the Taliban is actually threatening America now.  Someone tell the President.

So, this is not good for Joe and Jill, the Democratic Party, or the United States.  If I were in charge of Joe Biden, I’d let him go to the beach.  Old Joe needs a break. There will be plenty of time to screw things up even further in the fall.

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Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 9:03 AM
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