Disney is the Worst Corporation in America
April 14, 2021
Is the Walt Disney Company the worst corporation in the USA? They have to be in the running. Not only do they embrace an anti-American program called “The View” which is actually produced by ABC News, but their theme parks are hideous.
Disney admission prices eliminate many poor and working families. But, wait, the head of the “Experience and Product” division has become woke. Not to the prohibitive pricing, no way. But to “inclusivity and belonging.”
That’s right. Josh D’Amaro says Disney park employees no longer have to dress like men and women. Nope, they can bend genders anyway they want. That means Annette can be Cubby and vice-versa. The Mouseketeers can also display visible tattoos.  
All this, Josh opines, will celebrate “culture and individuality.” How virtuous!
Tonight on the No Spin News, we’ll analyze exactly how corporate America is subverting traditional America. With Disney leading the pack.
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Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 7:02 AM
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