President Trump Fights Back
October 9, 2019
President Trump has ordered his staff not to cooperate with the House Impeachment Inquiry citing the unfairness of the effort.  That means no testimony and no documents from the Executive Branch to the House.
Short term, Mr. Trump may win his fight because no House vote was taken to approve the Inquiry.  However, that may happen soon.
The bigger picture is the lack of evidence on the part of the impeachers.  Like the Mueller investigation, the House action is an effort to find or create a wrongdoing rather than expose an existing one.
Yes, the anti-Trump forces say he threatened Ukraine with loss of aid if the country did not investigate Joe Biden’s very dubious activity there.  But that’s a theory, not a factual presentation.
On his end, President Trump says he has a perfect right to look into possible corruption even if it does involve a political opponent.
To me, it looks like the President has the stronger argument backed up by a transcript of his call to the Ukrainian leader.  But you’d never know that listening to the howling media.
Two final things.  Mr. Trump should explain why he temporarily held up military aid to Ukraine before the call.  And Adam Schiff should be investigated by the House ethics committee for lying about his advance contact with the whistle-blower.  That alone casts a deep suspicion on this entire impeachment deal.
Tonight on the No Spin News, we’ll take with former US Attorney Brett Tolman about the situation.  See you beginning at 7.
Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 4:31 AM
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