Losing the Race
May 2, 2021
The spearpoint in the intense progressive battle to dissemble traditional America is the anti-racism campaign.  It’s an easy calculation: if the United States was founded on the philosophy of white supremacy, and the country is presently infected with “systemic racism,” then it’s the moral obligation of good people to destroy the society and build another more noble one.
And if you disagree, well, you are racist.
The strategy is brilliant in its simplicity and also presents the gravest social threat in U.S. history.
That’s because the corporate media, an industry full of cowardice and greed, has surrendered to the radicals thereby allowing the destructive movement to avoid scrutiny.  Some of the nation’s largest corporations are openly cooperating with racial demonization - donating millions of dollars to the Marxist Black Lives Matter Global Foundation.
But most shockingly of all is that the President and Vice President are supporting the racial subversion.
Joe Biden has openly advocated “equity” instead of equality.  He has ordered the federal government to favor certain groups of Americans based on skin color. When criticized by Republican Senator Tim Scott for this divisive policy, Biden told the ever pliant George Stephanopoulos that he doesn’t believe the American people are racist, just our society.
The reason the President is able to peddle this destructive malarkey is because the mass media is affirming it.  The woman executive who controls TV production for Disney/ABC proudly told the world that she is rejecting first-rate programs unless the scripts conform to a racial litmus test.
After Senator Scott’s reply to Biden’s speech on Wednesday, bigots on Twitter labeled him “Uncle Tim.”
Most of the corporate media ignored the smear.
And now the race-baiting is coming to your house.
Newsweek Magazine used to be a fine fact-gathering organization.  Then it veered sharply left. Then it folded its print edition, now publishing only online.
Last week, the magazine ran an article by a radical leftist named Meggie Abendschein.  She owns a business in Texas that prefers to hire women. Remember the bigoted “No Irish Need Apply” signs?  Now it’s males instead of Irish.
Anyway, here’s what Newsweek and Meggie are serving up.  “We need to deeply embed anti-racism into our identity, our purpose and every facet of our life.  This work requires our full-throttle empathy and total commitment to dismantling an archaic, dangerous white supremacist system.”
Then Meggie brings it home.  “I was speaking with another white woman recently who told me her husband wasn’t sold on the idea of racism being our problem ...
“I told her that by not saying something ... was to choose comfort “
Yeah, that’s the ticket.  Let’s create marital strife if your spouse is not “woke.”
And so the battle for America once again centers on skin color.  Hello, Civil War.
But this time the sitting President is not focused on keeping the Union together. No, Joe Biden is a divider.  And with the media as his ally, he is hell-bent on conquering. 
Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 11:35 AM
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Losing the Race
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