The Real Danger to America
June 26, 2022

Once again, we've become the United States of Hysteria. The two Supreme Court rulings last week will not affect society much (as I will explain), but the outcry from the left-wing cadres is instructive and very important for alert Americans to understand.

By ruling New York State's restrictions on law-abiding citizens carrying handguns unconstitutional, the Supreme Court simply did what the Constitution states: allow Americans to "bear" arms.

The leftist view that legal self-protection will lead to more mass murder is actually foolish. Almost everyone in Vermont is allowed to carry a gun, and there are few murders there. That's because Vermont doesn't attract many violent criminals as it lacks an extensive drug market.

Again, thugs who purchase guns illegally are responsible for the overwhelming number of gun crimes.  Oh, and banning weapons will not stop insane loons from killing, as the recent mass murder in Norway demonstrates.

Got it, Joe Biden?

The abortion ruling is a bit more problematic. Even though the procedure will remain largely available in the USA, some states will attempt to eliminate most abortions now that Roe v. Wade is no longer federal law. Other states like New York and California will continue to allow abortion anytime for any reason - something even ultra-liberal countries in Europe reject because late-term abortion is barbaric.

But there is a public safety component here that pro-life Americans should consider. If a woman is in danger of physical harm by birthing a baby, that woman should have legal protection. Any state that denies that is violating the "equal protection" statute. Men cannot birth babies.

Thus, in medically dangerous pregnancies, doctors and the individual women should make the decision, not the state government.

Most Americans agree with that analysis; the polls prove it. So, I hope all states uphold the constitutional law and are legally challenged if they do not.

There is no question that the Democrats are using guns and abortion to advance party politics. Instead of respecting citizens who believe that killing the unborn is wrong, Nancy Pelosi and her acolytes demean and defame them.

Same thing with honest, law-abiding Americans who want firearms to protect themselves from harm. That view and the person who holds it is condemned by the far left. In progressive precincts, there is absolutely no tolerance for opposing points of view.

And where are those "precincts?" Here's a partial list: Hollywood, especially the Disney Corporation. Ivy League colleges and most other higher-learning institutions. Much of the corporate media, including legacy newspapers in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Boston, and almost everywhere.

In addition, Democrats in the House and Senate are terrified of progressives and do their bidding, as does the Oval Office.

That's quite an assemblage of intolerance, is it not? Try being pro-life in Hollywood or at Yale. You'll be attacked and shunned.

That's the big takeaway from the Supreme Court reaction this week. And, by the way, intolerance should be unconstitutional.

But it's not.

Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 8:29 AM
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The Real Danger to America
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