Mexico Tariff Deal Reached; CNN Praises President Trump!
June 10, 2019
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On tonight’s rundown
· Mexico and the United States have reached a deal but the criticism of President Trump hasn’t stopped.
· Cato Institute Director of Immigration Studies Alex Nowrasteh predicts what will come out of the US-Mexico deal.
· Rod Rosenstein goes to bat for Attorney General Barr in a surprising New York Times article.
· Nearly two dozen 2020 Democratic contenders invade Iowa—except one key candidate was missing.
· Illinois bishop will not be giving Communion to lawmakers who backed abortion bill.
· One far-left college has been ordered to pay $11 million to an Ohio bakery in Libel Lawsuit.
· In an odd turn of events CNN praises Donald Trump—AT&T is clearly worried.
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Mexico Tariff Deal Reached; CNN Praises President Trump!
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