Putin's Biden His Time
February 27, 2022

The Long Island newspaper Newsday is calling for all Americans to rally around President Biden in the conflict with Russia. Its editorial on February 26 states: "The undercutting of Biden by Republicans as he actively navigates armed conflict is shameful. The nation was stronger when domestic political squabbling ended at the water's edge."


As a liberal paper, Newsday's analysis is to be expected. But what's happening in the USA and all over the world is far more than political disagreement. What we have here is a weak leader of the free world up against strong totalitarian killers in Russia, China and Iran.

In Ukraine, it is not really the Russian army against an independent country. It is Putin vs. Biden, mano-a-mano.

While Newsday and other media that favor the Democrats look away from reality, wise Americans should not. We the people, elected a weak man to lead us. Let's admit it. And now the country and the world are suffering.

Putin's Hitler imitation was not caused by Joe Biden, but he enabled it by attacking the American energy industry, thereby giving the evil Russian dictator billions in cash. While Biden was surrendering to the climate change warriors, Putin supplied oil and coal to the world - most notably to NATO allies.

So, are we supposed to ignore this colossal mistake made by President Biden pretty much all by himself? And even after the unforced error, Biden still refuses to ramp up American energy production!

What say you, Newsday?

Joe Biden will likely go down in history alongside disastrous presidents like James Buchanan and Herbert Hoover. Buchanan did absolutely nothing to stop the gathering Civil War in the late 1850s, even allowing secessionists to loot federal arsenals, reminiscent of Biden-Afghanistan.

Hoover didn't cause the Great Depression ( just as Biden didn't cause Ukraine), but he sat there denying federal relief to starving Americans for two exceedingly painful years!

What Buchanan, Hoover, and Biden all have in common is failure to govern from strength. That's a fact. Should Americans ignore that fact "at the water's edge"?

It is true that some partisans will hammer the other side no matter what the circumstance, and that is destructive to our Republic. But in order to stop destructive policies like open borders, rampant inflation, erosion of criminal justice, you can't just rally behind the guy who's responsible - even if Biden is trying to contain the homicidal Putin.

As a concerned citizen of the world, I want Biden and NATO to crush Russia. But I also want to banish weak leadership going forward. Biden is the poster guy for policy failure.

Rallying around that would be madness.

Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 3:23 AM
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Putin's Biden His Time
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