The Booking Process
November 12, 2023

The cancel culture is vicious, immoral, and gleefully embraced by all of America's media companies.

All. No exceptions.

Leftwing pundit Rachel Maddow has a new book out, and the networks are bullish. Ms. Maddow is everywhere, at least twice on the CBS morning shows, The Late Show with Colbert, and almost every NBC program.

And good for her. She's using the liberal media to sell her product. That's capitalism, which, ironically, is not exactly a leftist tenet.

But conservative Mark Levin is denied network opportunities. His book, "The Democrat Party Hates America," is a massive bestseller because he has his own TV and radio shows. But no corporate media invitations for him. Nada.


Attorney Alan Dershowitz does not have a show. However, he does have a book about how Donald Trump is being "targeted" by the Justice Department. Interesting topic, right? Worthy of debate. No invites for Dershowitz.

Jason Chaffetz, the former congressman, has written a book called "The Puppeteers." Have you heard of it?

Didn't think so.

Yet Cassidy Hutchinson's hate Trump book has received massive exposure on the leftwing media outlets.

Over the last six months, not one book written by a conservative has been featured on the network morning programs, which have hours each day to talk about anything they want.

But they don't want anything to do with Republicans or conservatives. The network producers have canceled the entire group.

This awful abuse of expression began when Trump became president in 2016. Executives at Disney/ABC, Comcast/NBC, Paramount/CBS, and Warner Brothers/CNN all ordered their TV personnel to go after Trump and ignore his supporters. That's called blackballing.

Today, the cancel strategy is strongly enforced not only by media executives but also by rank-and-file. When CNN aired a highly-rated Trump Town Hall earlier this year, there was a revolt by many rank-and-file employees.

The message was clear. Stay on the left side of the road or else.

The cancel culture in the USA is not losing momentum. As I write in "Killing the Witches," there is little opposition to it because, as the good people of Salem found out, if you challenge the unfairness, you become the next target.

Maybe I'm wrong about all this, and ABC will develop a traditional talk show to balance The View. Perhaps NBC might book a Newsmax anchor on The Today Show. Maybe CBS will suggest to Colbert that he bring on one non-liberal guest. Just one.

Place your bets, please.

Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 12:00 AM
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The Booking Process
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