A Fair Wind
November 3, 2019
Absent any new evidence about President Trump’s conduct, the impeachment play is likely to hurt the Democratic Party, which is already reeling from the lack of a potent presidential candidate.
The Ukraine phone call is being framed by the democrats and their media allies as a simple transaction: the President demanding dirt on political opponent, Joe Biden, in return for money from the American taxpayer.
But that simple allegation is wrong.  Not because Mr. Trump didn’t want to hurt Biden, he did.  But the President’s motivation is much more complex than a one-off political tactic.
If you read 'The United States of Trump,' Donald Trump’s mindset will unfold before your eyes.  He seeks vengeance for the wrong he believes was done to him by people in the Obama administration, including Joe Biden and Barack Obama, himself.
Donald Trump thinks President Obama was behind the entire Russia-collusion fiasco and he is crazed about it.  He believes Mr. Obama, through confidants, tried to destroy him, mainly because of Trump pushing the birther stuff.  Here’s the truth: there is very bad blood between both men.
That bitterness was the President’s primary motivation for pressuring the Ukrainian leader.  Mr. Trump wants to secure evidence of corruption by the Obama administration. Biden was a way in.
Donald Trump may get his wish because the Justice Department is currently investigating possible corruption within the Obama administration during and after the 2016 campaign. US Attorney John Durham is the point man and a criminal Grand Jury may be already seated.
So, if President Trump had any patience, which he does not, the Ukraine call was totally unnecessary. Attorney General Barr’s Justice Departure will likely expose what really happened in the 2016 without Mr. Trump’s help.
Astute political observers know there is likely trouble ahead for the anti-Trumpers involved in trying to take him out three years ago.  Thus, now, they must damage the President as much as they can before stuff starts hitting the Justice Department fan.
Enter the American people who will be the ultimate deciders here.  Internal polling by the Trump side indicates a growing feeling of citizen anger by non-ideological voters who are tired of nonstop allegations against the President.  It is unlikely that public opinion will support the removal of a President when there are two sides to the Ukraine story.
The failure to secure even one House republican vote for continuing the impeachment process underlines the situation.  At this point, it is a partisan play.
President Trump would be wise to explain himself directly to the American people via a televised address.  He will never get a fair hearing from the press so forget using that vehicle.
But I believe a fair wind still blows in most places in this country.  And Donald Trump should cast his fate to that wind.
Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 11:35 PM
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A Fair Wind
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