Bill O'Reilly on Kavanaugh, Producing his Own Show, "Killing the SS"
September 18, 2018

Bill joins Mark Simone to discuss the Kavanaugh situation.

Bill makes the argument that there is not a powerful or wealthy man in the country that is safe. That being said, every single case has to be taken on its individual merits.

Kavanaugh well knows if he goes in on Monday and testifies under oath that he did not do anything untoward to his accuser – and that is not true – he can go to prison. Everybody should understand that. That is high stakes. You cannot lie under oath in front of a congressional committee.

Yet the judge is absolutely adamant that nothing like that happened. 

Fair-minded Americans have to be neutral - or give the judge the presumption of innocence (unlike some politicians who are denying one of Americans’ most essential rights).

Listen above to hear Bill discuss more on Kavanaugh, and why he loves running the No Spin News on

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Bill O'Reilly on Kavanaugh, Producing his Own Show,
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