Michael Bloomberg for President?
November 11, 2019
The former mayor of New York City knows what most astute Americans know: the Democrats running for president have little chance of achieving that goal.  

Some of the candidates are delusional, others befuddled.  So Mayor Mike wants in.  Kind of.  No Iowa or New Hampshire for him.  Nope.  

He knows liberal loons dominate those democratic primaries.  His base is the liberal urban professional corps.  Thus, he is signing up essentially for Super Tuesday.
This is rich, so to speak.  

Mayor Mike is worth north of $50 billion mostly accumulated in the finance world.  He is the poster boy for income inequality.  He would be in the capitalist hall of fame, if it existed.
Showing a picture of Bloomberg to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren would be like whipping out a cross in front of Dracula.
Michael Bloomberg’s political philosophy might be called “pragmatic.” In New York, he largely kept the tactics of the prior Giuliani administration intact.  He inherited a falling crime rate from Rudy and for 12 years, supported aggressive policing including “stop and frisk.”
The left howled.
But Mike didn’t listen on the subject of crime and punishment.  He did, however, become a climate change crusader, and launched a jihad against soda and salt to combat obesity. Most New Yorkers yawned and popped open another Pepsi.
As president, I don’t expect Mike Bloomberg would do anything radical. Yes, he’ll bloviate about warming but will not attempt to dismantle America’s fuel industry.  He’ll huff and he’ll puff about other liberal causes but he’ll never blow the house down.
The main reason Mike Bloomberg wants to run for president is that he can’t stand the thought of Donald Trump winning again.  He sees Mr. Trump as a barbarian who somehow got under the gate.  I call this the “Romney syndrome.”  Mitt and Mike sit there all day muttering “how can this be happening?”
It will be tough for Mayor Mike because he’s not exactly a man of the people.  In fact, he refused to live in the big house that New York provides to mayors as a perk. That’s largely because Mike’s Manhattan townhome makes Gracie Mansion look like a lean-to.
Bloomberg is also a private jet kind of guy, warming or no warming.
So get set for a possible rumble between “the Don” and “little Mike.”  

It could happen, especially if Democrats come to their senses.
And if it does occur, I know one thing. There will be a wealth of opportunities to hammer both men.
America certainly is the land of plenty.
Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 12:00 AM
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Michael Bloomberg for President?
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