Bill O'Reilly's No Spin Analysis on Terrible Virginia Shooting
June 14, 2017


Bill spent much of Thursday's No Spin News analyzing the terrible shooting incident in Virginia, where a left-wing loon named James Hodgkinson took aim at Republican members of Congress as they practiced for their annual charity baseball game against their Democratic counterparts.  Among the injured is Majority Whip Steve Scalise, the third-ranking Republican in the House, who in critical condition after being shot.  There was only one fatality Thursday morning, and that was the 66-year-old shooter, who was killed by heroic and fast-acting Capitol Police.

"This was a bad day," Bill lamented, "and I predicted this would happen.  I hate to be an oracle on this kind of violence, but it's a political crime.   Hodgkinson was a Trump hater and a Bernie Sanders volunteer.  Sanders came out and condemned this and it's not the senator's fault."

Bill went on to pose an intriguing hypothetical:  "If a Trump supporter had done this, that information would be the lead on every cable and network news programs.  But because Hodgkinson is a leftist, it's noted but it is not the lead.  We often point out the hatred on display with the Kathy Griffins and the Bill Mahers and on and on.  There are some hatred on the right, but not nearly to the extent that it is on the left."

As an example of the enduring animus in Congress, Bill reported on a lawsuit filed by nearly 200 Democrats in Congress:  "They are alleging that Donald Trump's continuing ties to his business empire violate the Constitution, specifically the 'Emoluments Clause.'  This is bull, it's crap, and it's not going anywhere.  But it's funded by groups that want to destroy the president.  When 200 Democrats sign on to this lawsuit, they can't get up on CNN and MSNBC and say we need to lessen the hatred.  You Democrats hate him and want to hurt him no matter what he does.  This is revolting and it has never happened before in American history!"  By the way, one of the leading drivers of the bogus lawsuit is Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, who was elected despite having lied about serving in combat in Vietnam.

Turning to "fake news," Bill cited another example that briefly dominated this week's news cycle:  "There was a story floating around that President Trump might replace Robert Muller as special counsel looking into the Russia situation.  Mueller is not going to be removed, but the story was whipped into hysteria by the anti-Trump media.  This was designed to create controversy, but I didn't spend a lot of time on it because I knew it wouldn't happen and I didn't want to waste your time on it."

Bill then turned to former Fox News colleague Megyn Kelly, who will air an interview with far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.  "One of the things Jones has said," Bill reported, "is that the Sandy Hook murders of children never happened.  Megyn Kelly is in a dilemma because some sponsors have said they don't want to be associated with the program.  I would never have done that interview, even though it may get good ratings, because there are a lot of cranks out there saying crazy stuff.  I assume Megyn, a smart woman, will go after him, but he's not a legitimate news figure."

Striving to end on an upbeat note after a generally lousy day, Bill finally showed viewers a photo of his beloved Welsh Corgi pooch named Holly. "This dog has the loudest bark in the world," he groused, "and sheds all over.  But she's a sweet dog and very cute."  So now you are all on a first-name basis with Holly the Corgi.

As always, Bill concluded with questions and comments from Premium Members, many of whom opined on the so-called "resistance" and the No Spin News podcast itself.  Until tomorrow, which will hopefully be more placid, Holly says "arf, arf" … very loudly!

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Bill O'Reilly's No Spin Analysis on Terrible Virginia Shooting
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