O'Reilly: Impeachment is a Colossal Con
January 11, 2021

Some self-proclaimed conservatives, among them Rich Lowry of NBC and the National Review, are calling for President Trump's impeachment and conviction.  In Monday's radio visit with Bernie McGuirk and Sid Rosenberg on WABC, Bill invokes facts and presidential history to explain why impeachment is absolutely unwarranted. 

He accuses the anti-Trump media of burying the fact that President Trump urged the crowd to march 'peacefully and patriotically' to the Capitol. 

Bill also speculates about the president's mental state, the 'joke' of the first impeachment, the Trump legacy, and the unending wave of hatred coming from the far left.

Listen above for more - and one important note. Donald Trump did a lot of good for this country. He lost it after the election – but if you voted for him based on his policies and accomplishments, you have nothing to be sorry about. The press and far-left are trying to “cancel” you – but you have nothing to be ashamed of.

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Posted by BOR Staff at 12:00 AM
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O'Reilly: Impeachment is a Colossal Con
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