Socialism in Western Europe - and America
July 10, 2019

Hey, Bill O'Reilly here and this is the Talking Points Memo for Newsmax.

So last week I'm in Europe. I went to Germany and Austria. I want to tell you a little bit about the trip. It was both business and social. So I flew into Berlin. I had some meetings there to find out essentially how the semi-socialist system is working in Western Europe.

The system that the Democrats are basing their entire presidential campaign on and I wanted to be fair. I don't like socialism, semi-socialism, any kind of socialism. But we are living in a very complicated era where people are making fortunes in the high tech industry in particular. And I wanted to see how other governments are handling the so-called income inequality.

So Berlin is a liberal town. A lot of people are unemployed by choice. Not a particularly pretty place. World War 2 wiped it out. I was there when the Berlin Wall came down. I reported that story and that was the last time I was there. It's bustling. No need to go there unless you're interested in history.

There is the remnants of the Nazis. In fact the bunker where Hitler was killed, he killed himself, is a parking lot now. They actually poured sand in the bunker, paved it over and it's a parking lot. Very interesting.

So after Berlin I took the train down to Munich in southern Germany. Now Northern Germany is liberal, lutheran. Southern Germany is conservative Catholic by tradition. So Munich is a nice town and it could be in America. You know if you had the language, English and the old buildings obviously can't duplicate here. But outside of the buildings and the language, it could be anywhere USA.

So people live in small houses or apartments. They have nice cars. They smoke a lot more than we do. They drink probably the same as we do and it's a bustling place. People are working and trying to make a living. Now, I hired a guide. A smart thing to do if you can afford it wherever you go.

The guide was very knowledgeable, spoke perfect English. I said OK let's go over your paycheck. Give me the tax rundown and here is what the Democrats want. I wrote a column about this called, The Plan on Bill O' So if you read that column after hearing this commentary, you'll have the whole picture.

So first of all it is 8 percent local tax to the Munich authorities to live in the Munich area. 8 percent. Then there's a 12 percent of your salary goes to health insurance. Health insurance is not free. Then 19 percent value added tax, VAT on almost everything you buy. So you want to buy that BMW, that Mercedes? You got to add 19 percent onto the list price.

Then here is an income tax, federal income tax. 14 if you're not making any money. Forty five if you're making good money. 14 percent to 45 percent. You add it up. For the German worker and not a lot of money left over. Now once you pay twelve percent, you get free medical care but you can just go to any doctor you want. You've got to get it OK'd.

Same thing with the hospital and if you have to have an operation, you got to wait, sometimes a long time. German efficiency is good. The hospitals are good. But you're told where to go, when you go and you don't really have a say in the matter. That's socialized medicine. That is single payer healthcare.

But the most important thing for you to know as an American is the Democratic Party wants this system and it's all about inequality. See the Democrats and liberal Americans see this society here, in the USA as unfair.

So they're affluent people. Some of them made their money in nefarious ways but most didn't. Some of them inherited their money, but most didn't.

Most are like me.

I started out with zero. No money when I got out of Boston University and I had my first job in Scranton, PA. I didn't make any money and I worked my way up. Now I'm affluent. But the Democrats say that's no good. That affluence is no good.

We're going to take it from you and give it to people who don't have to balance it out. And in Germany that's what they do. So the German worker cannot save money, therefore cannot invest, buy stocks and bonds because nothing left over. That's what the Democrats want to do here. That is the plan.

Check it out on I am Bill O'Reilly for Newsmax. We'll see you again soon.


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Socialism in Western Europe - and America
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