You Get What You Pay For
August 20, 2023

Women are being "erased" in Afghanistan. So says a recent article on the Daily Chatter website, our foreign news partner.

The Taliban retook the country two years ago this week after the botched U.S. withdrawal by the Biden administration. Today, Afghan women cannot be seen in public without a male escort, are denied education, and have absolutely no rights whatsoever.

That's terrible, of course, but the blame lies with the Afghan people themselves, who flat-out refused to fight for their own freedom. America gave them a 20-year window to embrace a civil society. Collectively, the Afghanis said, "Not interested."

San Francisco is a long way from Kabul, but it's a similar story. The nation's most liberal city destroyed the two-party system and is now in a " doom loop" of destruction and abhorrent public behavior. Left-wing loons run the city and were given power by the voters. So, who feels sorry for San Franciscans? Not me.

Over to Los Angeles where it's the same story, out of control crime and disgusting public expositions. DA George Gascon will not enforce the law, so concerned citizens launched a recall to boot Gascon out. It failed; not enough voters wanted Gascon to lose his job.

Say goodbye to Hollywood, as Billy Joel sings.

Angelenos are another voting bloc that has put ideology ahead of public safety and civility. So, does the city deserve sympathy?

In New York, Governor Kathy Hochul will not rescind the "No Bail Law," which she could drastically modify by Executive Order. In fact, Hochul supported the insane policy. Last November, she won reelection against a law and order Republican, Lee Zeldin.

Governor Hochul would have lost if not for getting 90 percent of the African-American vote in New York City. Interesting because the vast majority of violent crime victims in New York are black.

People often blame outside forces like the media, corruption, and money for political ineptitude. But it's the voters and citizens who are really at fault.

Thousands of American service people were killed or wounded in Afghanistan, trying to give those folks a better future.

The Afghans didn't want it, just as millions of Americans don't really care about safety in their own neighborhoods.

I know that sounds inexplicable, but stupidity and political fanaticism can bring down any society, including ours.

All Americans should heed this vivid warning. San Francisco, LA, Chicago, and New York are in atrocious shape. The progressive movement and voter apathy are the reason.

The adage is "People will eventually get what they deserve."

It's true.

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Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 12:00 AM
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You Get What You Pay For
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