Americans Outraged over the Border Situation
July 16, 2014

Well the initial data is in.  Gallup took a poll of more than 1,000 adults and asked this question: What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today? 

Seventeen percent say immigration/illegal aliens; that's up from three percent in January, and it leads the league.

Second is dissatisfaction with government.

Third, the economy.

Fourth, unemployment/jobs.

And fifth, healthcare.

So right now in the U.S.A., the porous border and foreign children suffering because of it is the most important issue the nation is facing.

And on that issue, two other polls are out.

According to Pew, just 28% of Americans approve of the way President Obama is handling the border. Fifty-six percent disapprove, a double.

The Washington Post has it 33% approving, 58% disapproving.

But Republicans in Congress get blamed as well.  Only 23% say they are doing a good job solving the immigration mess. A whopping 66% say they are not.

It is long past time for Washington to secure the border.  Everybody knows that.  We have been lied to for years and both parties are responsible.

But the main culprit for the latest humanitarian disaster is president Obama, and now it is up to him to fix the problem.

The Drug Enforcement Administration has an intelligence arm which recently interviewed 230 illegal aliens who were detained on the border.

Two-hundred-and-nineteen of them say the primary reason that people from Central America are coming here illegally is that they believe they can stay.

The myth that the far left is putting out that countries like El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala are actively harming their populations is destroyed by this survey.

As we documented yesterday, the border chaos is directly affecting all parts of the U.S.A.

Some governors are now condemning the Obama administration for not informing them before they move illegal aliens into their states.

That's atrocious.

Even in ultra-liberal Maryland, there is dissent.

RICHARD ROTHSCHILD CARROLL COUNTY, MD COMMISSIONER: "I want to point out that HHS, I asked HHS what are you going to do if these children can't find their parents?  Are you going to keep them imprisoned in this compound?  No answers."

Over the past few weeks, Talking Points has pinpointed the problem: there is very little leadership coming out of the White House or Congress on almost every issue.

Because of that, America is now drifting into very dangerous territory.

A war may break out in the Middle East at any moment, terrorism is on the rise, and hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens continue to flood into this country without consequence.

All I can do is tell you the truth and point out what should happen.  I cannot make the president or Congress do anything.

But you guys can.  Americans have got to make their disenchantment loud and clear by directly contacting senators and representatives and by voting in November.

Let's throw the bums out.

And that's the memo.

Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 7:25 PM
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