Bill & Beck on the Laura Ingraham/David Hogg Controversy, George Washington U. Considering a Name Change, and More
March 30, 2018

Beck started off this week’s interview asking Bill about the 60 diplomats that have been expelled from Russia. Bill brings up his interview with President Trump from last year. During the interview Trump doubled down on his “respect” for Putin. Bill declared to Trump that “Putin is a killer.” Trump responded saying, “There are a lot of killers. We have a lot of killers. Well, you think our country is so innocent?”

Everyone knows that Putin has an arm of assassins located all over the world killing people and unfortunately that’s what happened to the people who were poisoned in Great Britain. The question is ‘what can be done?’ Putin runs the show in Russia and he’s not going anywhere, so the expulsion of the Russian diplomats was something that the U.S. and our allies could do to send a message to him. The key is to isolate and marginalize Putin personally and maybe he’ll pull back.

Beck changes directions and brings up the craziness that is occurring at colleges and universities across the nation. At George Washington University this week, a reporter for the Daily Wire went out and asked students if the university should keep its name, or change it, since George Washington was a slave owner. Most of the people interviewed said the name should be changed. Bill jokingly asks Beck if the headline here is that most college kids are morons? The bigger story that comes from this is that this kind of infantile analysis is taking hold of colleges all across the U.S. Cowardly administrators are bowing down to the far left because they don’t want to deal with any “micro” or “macroaggressions”. The people who said the university’s name should be changed are not well informed. George Washington was a tremendous hero and almost solely responsible for the freedoms we have in America today. That’s the truth! Yes, Washington did have slaves, but he was a product of the aristocracy of the 18th century. It was wrong of him to be a slaveholder, but you cannot negate his entire life because he followed the trend of the 18th century in the south.

What we are currently seeing in our country is an unbelievable wave of cowards on these college campuses and the radical students and administrations know it. The students are being used as pawns by these radicals because they can be easily manipulated. Beck says he doesn’t think these kids are stupid, they’re just being misled. Bill interjects and says if these kids are not seeking the truth and learning about our nation’s history, you’re stupid. Beck tries to finish his point by saying that if you were growing up in today’s society where almost every professor is teaching you falsehoods and the media is showing you falsehoods and all of popular culture is showing you falsehoods and rewarding those who fall in line than the average person won’t have the drive find out the truth or the other side of the story. The majority of the population is not strong enough to say, ‘wait a minute, stop it!’ Bill says he will not cut these college students any slack because there is enough information out there that provides the truth.

Beck shifts topics to the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School students. Bill says that they’re doing a good thing by raising awareness about the debate in America over gun violence. But, it is clear to anyone who is covering the story that now many of these students are taking their analysis and opinions from far-left people. They’re not seeking the truth anymore, they’re saying send me talking points that I can sell to the left-wing media.

Beck’s next hot topic is the boycott that is being conducted by David Hogg, strangely, all by his little lonesome self against Laura Ingraham all because she had the audacity to bring up the fact that he was talking about the schools that he wasn’t getting into that she told him to stop whining about it because it is not unusual to be turned away from these top tier schools. Hogg took great offense to her comments and has demanded that Ingraham’s top advertisers boycott “The Ingraham Angle,” her show on Fox News Channel. Bill says that this is something we have seen before, and we’ll see it again because there’s no resistance to the people who begin the boycott.

Bill says that he doesn’t think the Ingraham should have tweeted about Hogg’s academic situation. I don’t think any commentator or adult should comment at all about any minor’s situation in a personal realm. Beck retaliates saying that when kids inject themselves into a situation and they are being held up by the media as these ‘Gods’ it’s basically a no holds barred deal. Bill says this isn’t something that he would have done, but Ingraham did apologize. The bigger issue here is that within hours of Ingraham’s tweet, Hogg and his friends had every sponsor on Ingraham’s Fox News show listed. There’s no way they could have gotten that information so fast, Media Matters or the far-left agencies provided Hogg with this information. Freedom of speech is really in trouble, the far-left knows that at any time they can call for a boycott of anyone they despise and some of these companies will fold.

Beck says that he doesn’t accept the fact that these kids were in mourning that we have to tip-toe around them. Hogg has called Dana Loesch some of the worst names imaginable. Beck says that he is not going to stoop to Hogg’s level and name-call back, but it’s one thing to say ‘how dare you say that because he’s a kid,’ but then the left responds calling Ingraham a “filthy pig” and a “dog-faced animal.” Bill brings up a good point, where are the feminist organizations? We all know that the far-left with the media’s approval and encouragement have now said we can stop speech that we disagree with.

Beck’s final question is how can we come together as a country if half of the people are getting different news? Bill says it’s just not going to happen. Maybe some kind of leader will emerge who can be so powerful in the White House that they sweep aside the hatred that has taken hold. But, is this probable? No. So, what we have right now is two countries in the U.S. and it’s just one side smearing and attacking the other.

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Bill & Beck on the Laura Ingraham/David Hogg Controversy, George Washington U. Considering a Name Change, and More
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