Blame Mexico
January 15, 2023

As the South Park wise guys surely understand, the three amigos exposition in Mexico City last week was a total farce. I hope Biden, Trudeau, and Obrador got some good meals out of it, at least. I mean, all this working together for the good of the people stuff is a cruel lie. Mexico works against its own people and certainly harms the citizens of the United States and Canada. So, how about some truth-telling?

Here's the backup written especially for Kamala "Root Causes" Harris. Right now, 44 percent of the Mexican people live below the poverty line, average annual wage short of $17,000.

So, yeah, millions of Mexicans want to go to a place where they have a chance not to be poor, like the good old USA.

Are you with me so far, Kamala?

In addition to being economically unsuccessful, Mexico is the most violent country on earth. Hope I'm not insulting Somalia.

There are 129 million people living in Mexico, and 44,000 of them were murdered in 2021 (last available stats). But wait. Another 22,500 went missing. That almost always means they are deceased. Snorkeling in Acapulco Bay is not a good idea.

So let's do the math together, Kamala. It looks like more than 66,000 human beings lost their lives to violence in a single year. The USA, with two and a half times Mexico's population, had 23,000 homicides in 2021.

It is the drug cartels who are committing mass murder south of the border and exporting the incredible violence here. Everyone knows this, even President Biden. But he may have forgotten.

Mexican President Obrador obviously cannot control the cartels, nor does he want to. The entire structure of his country is now built on corruption and flooded with narco-dollars. There is no law enforcement in Mexico unless you're an American who takes a U-Turn. The local police are bribed or killed; the national police are disbanded because of massive corruption.

This is why a record amount of deadly drugs are flooding into America, killing hundreds of thousands. So, where's the outrage against Mexico? Where's the Biden plan to deal with this?

It really was infuriating to watch the three amigos standing side-by-side playing their cynical game. Nothing will get better on the border or with drug interdiction until Washington holds Obrador and his crew accountable. And that will never happen under Joe and Kamala because they don't give a damn.

But honest Americans should. Our southern neighbor hurts this country every single day by exporting violence, narcotics, and millions of poor migrants that Mexico has absolutely no interest in helping.


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Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 10:21 AM
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Blame Mexico
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