The Titanic People
November 14, 2021
They went down with the ship. Incompetence and poor planning doomed them. On April 15, 1912, around 1,500 passengers and crew died ghastly deaths in the freezing North Atlantic Ocean.

The Titanic hit an iceberg and there were only 20 lifeboats secured on the vessel - room for 1,178 people. That was the lethal problem as there were an estimated 2,224 on board.

Criminal negligence. The lack of planning led to horror.

Today, the United States of America lacks planning in any meaningful way because its President simply is not able to do his job. You know the list, humiliation in Afghanistan, no preparation for supply chain problems, disastrous energy decisions, damaging inflation. While the confused Attorney General threatens parents at school board meetings, thousands are murdered in big-city streets. Putin is massing Russian troops on the Polish border, China is salivating over the "Build Back Better" bill knowing it will reap billions of dollars in "green" product buys.

In the face of all that and much more, polls say 40 percent of American adults continue to believe Joe Biden is doing a good job. Incomprehensible.

I divide the daydream believers into three main categories. The largest group will not consume information unless a wildfire is in their front yard. Totally detached from reality, this crew could not care less what happens in their country as long as they can negotiate a Big Mac.

The second category is comprised of zealots, progressive fanatics who, unlike the first group, actually despise America. Black Lives Matter, George Soros, Colin Kaepernick, more than a few commentators paid by NBC/Comcast to utter far-left hate gibberish on MSNBC.

That group relishes the decline of the country. When Mr. Biden recently said he would finally begin to "discuss" the corrosive inflation surge with "experts," the Bernie Sanders cadre smiled. When the government prints trillions of dollars to cover centralized spending, Joe, inflation will go up. Fast. Bring socialist Bernie in, he'll explain how worthy that is if you want a revolt in the free marketplace.

The last crew are the Trump haters. Biden is better than Trump, no matter what. See you at the bottom of the ocean.

Collectively, I brand the above-described Americans the "The Titanic People" because they support Biden's incredible ineptitude and seem to be willing to go down with the ship.

Just last week the President asked rhetorically, "did you ever think you'd be paying this much for a gallon of gas?"

No, Joe, we didn't. Not until you began destroying the American energy industry on your first day in office." Then many of us recoiled and knew.

But not the Titanic people. They still don't know nor do they care.
Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 12:01 PM
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The Titanic People
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