Full Radio Schedule for the O'Reilly-Trump Interview
November 25, 2019

Bill O’Reilly sat down to interview President Donald Trump in a wide-ranging radio interview that was first made available to Premium Members of this website on Tuesday night and will air on the below radio stations across the country over Thanksgiving week.

**Also airing on Sirius/XM Patriot channel Saturday at 9a and Sunday at Noon ET    

O’Reilly Update Special: One on One with President Trump

Station             Freq.                Market                         Air Times                                                         

WABC-AM        770                  New York                      Thursday Noon ET

WRCN-FM        103.9                New York                      Thursday Noon/Sunday Noon ET

WCTC-AM         1450                 New York/Cent. NJ        Thursday 10a ET/Sunday Noon ET

WVOX-AM        1460/103.1       New York                      Friday 5p ET

WJJF-FM           94.9                 New York/Montauk       Wednesday Noon ET

KABC-AM          790                  Los Angeles                   Wednesday 9p/Thursday 6p PT

KIXW-AM          960                  Apple Valley, CA            Saturday 6a PT

WLS-AM           890                  Chicago                        Saturday & Sunday 6p CT

WPGG-AM        1450/95.5         Atlantic City                  Thursday 7a ET

WGPA-AM        1100/98.5         Bethlehem, PA              Wednesday 10a ET

KLIF-AM            570                  Dallas                           Friday 6p CT                 

KPLT-AM          1490/96.3         Paris. TX                       Thursday Noon CT

WMAL-FM        105.9                Washington D.C.           Friday 3p ET                 

WCBC-AM        1270/103.1       Cumberland, MD           Sunday Noon & 4p ET

WINC-AM         1400                 Winchester, VA             Wednesday 8a ET

WZFC-FM         104.9                Winchester, VA             Wednesday 8a ET

KNTH-AM         1070/103.3       Houston                       Friday 7a CT

KTRB-AM          860/99.3          San Francisco                Sunday 7p PT

WRKO-AM        680                  Boston                          Thursday 9a/Sunday Noon ET

WWBA-AM       820/96.7/98.3  Tampa                          Thursday 6p ET

KFYI-AM           550                  Phoenix                        Thursday 9a MT

KBKW-AM         1450                 Seattle                          Saturday 2p PT             

KBDB-FM (HD3) 96.7                 Seattle                          Friday 6p PT

WDTK-AM        1400/101.5       Detroit                         Thursday 6p ET

WIOD-AM         610                  Miami                          Wednesday 11a/Friday at 9a ET

KTLK-AM          1130                 Minneapolis                  Saturday 6p CT

WMEQ-AM       880/106.3         Mpls/Eau Claie, WI        Friday 5p CT

KNSI-AM           1450/99.3         St. Cloud, MN               Thursday 8a/Friday 5p CT

KMHL-AM         1400/101.7       Mpls./Marshall, MN      Thursday

WJMC-AM        1240/96.5         Rice Lake, WI                Thursday 5p CT

KDFD-AM          760/93.7          Denver                         Thursday 6a MT

KSIR-AM           1010/92.9         Denver                         Thursday 8a MT

KNAB-AM         1140                 Denver                         Thursday 8a MT

WDYZ-AM         660/105.5         Orlando                        Friday Noon ET

WHK-AM          1420/102.5       Cleveland                     Thursday & Friday 11a ET

KTKZ-AM          1380                 Sacramento                  Wednesday 7p PT

KAHI-AM          950/102.9         Sacramento/Auburn,CA Thursday Noon PT

KXL-FM             101.1                Portland                       Thursday 8a PT

KYKN-AM          1430                 Portland, Salem, OR      Thursday/Friday Noon ET

WBT-AM/FM    1110/99.3         Charlotte                      Thursday/Friday 6p

WCBM-AM       680                  Baltimore                     Friday 8a ET

WLAC-AM         1510                 Nashville                      Thursday 7a CT

WHOP-AM        1230/95.3         Nashville/Hopkinsv’lle   Thursday 7p CT

WIBC-FM          93.1                 Indianapolis                  Wednesday 7p ET                    

KFMB-AM         760                  San Diego                     Thursday 6p PT

KNRS-AM          570                  Salt Lake City                Wednesday 5p/Friday 4p MT

KRNH-F2           92.3/93.9          San Antonio                  Thursday 8a/Friday 9a/Saturday 8a CT


KKLO-AM          1410/92.7         Kansas City, MO            Thursday 11a/Friday 4p

WDRC-AM        1360                 Hartford                       Wednesday Noon ET

WMMW-AM     1470                 Hartford                       Wednesday Noon ET

WSNG-AM        610                  Hartford                       Wednesday Noon ET

WTOH-FM        98.9                 Columbus, OH               Wednesday 7p ET        

WYRD-FM         106.3                Greenville, SC               Thursday 10a ET

WFTL-AM         850                  West Palm Bch.             Thursday 8a/Friday Noon ET

KMZQ-AM        670                  Las Vegas                      Thursday 6-9a/Friday 6-9a PT

KTOK-AM          1000                 Oklahoma City              Thursday 5p CT            

KHWL-FM         98.7                 Oklahoma City              Thursday & Friday 12 Noon CT

KGWA-AM        960                  Oklahoma City/Enid      Wednesday 7a CT        

WTBC-AM         1230/100,1       Birmingham/Tusc.         Wednesday 7p CT

WOOD-AM       1300                 Grand Rapids                Thursday 9a ET

WOOD-FM        106.9                Muskegon, MI               Thursday 9a ET

WOKV-FM        104.5                Jacksonville                   Sunday 4p ET

KIVA-AM           1600/93.7         Albuquerque                Wednesday/Thursday/Friday 4p MT

WGTK-AM        970                  Louisville                      Wednesday 6p & Sunday 9p ET

WBRT-AM         1320/94.9/97.1 Bardstown, KY              Thursday 11a ET

WNIS-AM         790                  Norfolk                         Thursday 6p/Saturday Noon ET

WBEN-AM        930                  Buffalo                         Wednesday/Thursday/Friday 6p ET

WGGO-AM       1590/100.5       Buffalo/Olean, NY         Saturday 8a ET

KGED-AM         1680                 Fresno                          Wednesday 4p/Friday 5p PT

WJBX-AM         770/104.3         Ft. Myers                      Friday 12p & 5p ET                   

WRVA-AM        1140                 Richmond, VA               Thursday 3p/Friday 5p ET

WPNN-AM        790/103.7         Pensacola, FL                Thursday 11a & 5p/Friday 5p CT

WRYC-FM         92.5                 Mobile/Frisco City,AL    Friday Noon CT

WFDM-AM       1400/94.3/99.7 Ft. Walton Beach, FL     Wednesday 1p CT        

KRMG-AM        740                  Tulsa                            Thursday & Friday TBD

KGGF-AM         690                  Tulsa/Coffeyville, KS      Thursday 8a CT

WHIO-AM/FM  1290/95.7         Dayton                         Thursday 8a, 6p/Sunday 11a ET

KHVH-AM         830                  Honolulu                     

WSGW-AM/FM 790/100.5         Saginaw, MI                  Wednesday 9a ET

KOIL-AM           1290                 Omaha                         Thursday & Friday 1p CT

WBRG-AM        1050/105.1       Roanoke                       Thursday & Saturday 11a ET     

WSCW-AM       1410/105.3       Charleston, WV             Friday 10a ET

WMOV-AM       1360/93.5/106.7Charleston, WV            Thursday 9a ET

KSOM-FM         96.5                 Des Moines                   Friday 12:15p CT

KQAM-AM        1480/102.5       Wichita, KS                   Thursday  7a CT

KIUL-AM           1240/104.9       Wichita, KS                   Sunday 9a CT

KYUL-AM          1310                 Wichita, KS                   Thursday 12p CT

KWBW-AM       1450/98.5         Wichita, KS                   Thursday 12p & 5p

KVSV-AM/FM    1190/102.9       Wichita, KS                   Thursday 10a CT

KQNT-AM         590                  Spokane, WA                Thursday 8a PT

KICK-AM           1340/92.3         Springfield, MO             Thursday Noon/Friday 11a & 4p CT

WBCF-AM         1240/97.1         Florence/Huntsville, AL Friday 10p CT   

WGAN-AM        560/98.5          Portland, ME                 Thursday 5a ET

WJIL-AM           1550/97.1         Jacksonville, IL              Tuesday 5p CT 

WTAX-AM         1240/93.5         Springfield, IL                Friday 2p CT

WSOY-AM        1340/103.3       Decatur, IL                    Friday 7a CT

KTSM-AM         690                  El Paso                          Thursday 7p MT                       

KXEL-AM          1540                 Cedar Rapids, IA            Thursday 10a/Friday 4p CT

WMJL-AM/FM  1500/102.7       Paducah, KY

WTAW-AM       1620                 Waco/College Sta., TX   Thursday 5p CT

KMVL-AM         1220/98.9         Waco/Madisonville, TX  Friday 8a CT

KMVL-FM         100.5                Waco/Madisonville, TX  Friday 8a CT

KJVC-FM           92.7                 Shreveport, LA              Friday 8a CT

WTRC-FM         95.3                 South Bend, IN              Thursday 8a & 5p ET    

WRSW-AM       1480/99.7         Warsaw, IN                   Thursday 6a, Noon, 5p ET

WOC-AM          1420                 Davenport, IA/Q. City    Friday 8a CT

KCPS-AM          1150                 Burlington, IA                Saturday 8a CT

WETB-AM         790/93.7          Tri Cities, TN-VA            Thursday 8a ET

WFRK-FM         95.3                 Florence/Myrtle Bch,    Friday 9a ET     

WHYM-AM       1260                 Florence/Myrtle Bch.    Friday 9a ET

KKFT-FM           99.1                 Reno, NV                      Thursday 10a PT

KSVL-FM           92.3                 Reno/Carson City, NV    Thursday 10a PT

WPHB-AM        1260                 Johnstown/Phillips., PA

WBLF-AM         970/106.3         Johnstown/Belleft, PA  

WOWO-AM      1190/107.5       Ft. Wayne, IN                Thursday 5a, 8a, 5p/Friday 5p ET

KLIN-AM           1400                 Lincoln, NE                   Thursday 5p CT

WFLA-FM         100.7                Tallahassee                   Thursday & Friday 8a ET

WMBD-AM       1470/100,3       Peoria, IL                      Friday 6p/Saturday Noon/Sunday 5p CT

KIVY-AM           1290/102.9       Tyler/Crockett, TX         Friday 8a CT

KIVY-FM           92.7                 Tyler/Crockett, TX         Friday 8a CT

WNAX-AM        970/96.9          Sioux Falls/Yankton, SD Thursday 2p/Friday 4p CT

KIT-AM             1280                 Yakima, WA                  Thursday & Friday 8a PT

KHSS-FM (HD2) 100.7/102.3      Yakima, WA                  Wednesday 9a/Thursday 6p PT             

WATT-AM         1240/106.1       Traverse City, MI           Wednesday 5p/Friday 5p/Saturday 10a ET        

WMKT-AM        1270/102.3       Traverse City, MI           Wednesday 5p/Friday 5p/Saturday 10a ET

WBOJ-AM         1270/102.5       Columbus, GA               Thursday 8a ET

WANI-AM         1400                 Columbus, GA               Thursday 6a, 7a & 8a CT

KEYS-AM          1440                 Corpus Christi, TX          Saturday 10a/Sunday 9a CT

WLFN-AM         1490                 LaCrosse, WI                 Thursday 8a/Saturday at 10a CT

KGYN-AM         1210/106.3       Amarillo, TX                  Tuesday 5p/Thursday 10a CT

KXDJ-FM           98.3                 Amarillo, TX                  Wednesday 9a CT

KFLS-AM           1450/102.5       Klamath Falls, OR          Wednesday 9a PT

KMBS-AM         1310                 Monroe, LA                   Wednesday/Thursday/ Friday 10a CT    

WGMD-FM       92.7                 Salisbury, MD               Thursday 11a & 5p ET

KKAM-AM         1340                 Lubbock, TX                  Friday 11a CT

WDSM-AM       710/98.1          Duluth, MN                   Wednesday 11a/Thursday 11a CT

WJMS-AM        590/92.1          Ironwood, MI                Wednesday 1p CT

KKGX-AM          920/99.1          Palm Springs, CA           Thursday 9a PT

KICD-AM           1240/102.5       Sioux City, IA                 Thursday & Friday Noon CT

WYOO-FM        101.1                Panama City, FL            Friday 8a CT

WYGC-FM         104.9                Gainesville, FL               Friday Noon ET/Friday 9a CT

WEIR-AM          1430/94.9/102.1Wheeling, WV             Tuesday 6p ET

WCDK-FM         106.3                Wheeling, WV               Tuesday 7p ET

WWNR-AM       620/101.1         Beckley, WV                 Thursday 9a ET

KMPT-AM         930/99.7          Missoula, MT                Saturday 10a & 4p/Sunday 12p & 8p MT           

KBLU-AM          560                  Yuma, AZ                      Saturday 6a PT

WMXI-FM         98.1                 Laurel/Hattiesburg,MS  Friday 5p CT     

WIZK-AM          1570/101.9       Hattiesburg, MS            Thursday & Saturday 9a CT       

WIRB-AM         1490                 Dothan, AL                    Saturday & Sunday 1p CT

WGEM-FM        105.1                Quincy, IL/Hannibal, MO Thursday 12 Noon CT  

WSVA-AM        550/92.1          Harrisonburg, VA          Thursday Noon ET        

WENI-AM         1450/106.7       Elmira/Corning, NY        Wednesday 8a ET

WENY-AM        1230/106.9       Elmira/Corning, NY        Wednesday 8a ET         

WLEA-AM         1480                 Elmira, NY                     Friday 8a ET     

KWLA-FM         103.1                Alexandria, LA               Wednesday 10a CT

WKCT-AM         930/104.1         Bowling Green, KY         Friday 7a CT

KTOE-AM          1420/102.7       Mankato, MN               Thursday 1p CT

WZTK-FM         105.7                Alpena, MI                    Thursday 7p ET

**Also airing on Sirius/XM Patriot channel Saturday at 9a and Sunday at Noon ET        


Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 10:44 AM
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Full Radio Schedule for the O'Reilly-Trump Interview
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