READ: The Folks Love Concierge Membership
October 21, 2020

Check out some testimonials from Concierge Members who seem to be enjoying the service. If you are so inclined, click here to upgrade your membership and get direct email access to Bill and a free signed book every year!

Bill's Concierge Membership saves me time, energy and wasted emotion! I can focus on what I need to do to keep my family healthy and safe because Bill succinctly gives me the insights needed to smartly manage my life and my family! Plus, I get great discounts! Thanks, Bill!

Deborah in Chadds Ford, PA

I am a Concierge Member and couldn’t be happier with the program. I have had specific concerns about the Trump-Biden election and having direct access to Bill and the information he has, has helped inform my vote and my conversations with friends about the significance of the issues at stake in this election. Proud to be a part of this!
Josh in South Orange, NJ

Over the past year I have become both depressed and disgusted with the mainstream media. The attempted "manipulation" and "spin narrative" to further their agenda has been and continues to be unbelievable. So, it has been extremely refreshing and enlightening to EMAIL Bill to get the TRUE FACTS. Furthermore, gaining this information DIRECTLY FROM BILL has helped me as I converse with my independent and left leaning friends. Today, I rarely watch the mainstream tv because having direct access to Bill gives me TRUE and unbiased information that helps me cope with an otherwise diseased media world. Also having Bill available to consult on a wide variety of topics is very therapeutic. Thank you, Bill for your wisdom, forthrightness, and honesty.
Mat in Columbus, GA

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I love being a Concierge Member. The ability to interact directly with Bill has been lots of fun, and I feel really connected to the program. But even more so, it has been helpful. Bill is well traveled and well informed, so I have received great tips on places to visit, things to do while there, places to eat and how best to plan. Whenever I travel I get helpful tips from Bill, including when I travel to his live shows. I will be a Concierge Member for life.
Nicholas in McMurray, PA


It's always good to know that if I need an answer to a question concerning a topic I'm not that familiar with, I can rely on Bill to find an answer.

I like to research topics on my own, but in the "age of Google", I often get conflicting results from different sources. Once again, Mr. O can usually cut through the plethora of information overload and be more specific.
Christopher in Baltimore, MD

I need the Concierge Member service because I have questions for Bill and he has ALWAYS personally responded. He has helped me with economic queries and government regulation questions.
I do not have time to watch news, so the No Spin News and the Concierge service give me what I need to know in a short amount of precious time. God Bless Bill and all of you for your hard work.
Suzette in Goleta, CA

If you want a personal response from Bill O'Reilly to any question that's on your mind, you will receive one and fast. I've had a Concierge Membership for over two years. The No Spin News is a breath of fresh air and my "go to" source for the news of the day. When Mr. O'Reilly left Fox, so did I. My right hand could be cut off and what would be left of fingers on the other hand would not able to find reliable news until O'Reilly's Podcast and Concierge Membership came along. Enough said.
Elise in San Antonio, TX

These days it is hard to find truth. Being a Concierge Member gives me direct access to someone I trust, so I can ask the behind the curtain questions that others just do not have an answer for. That is priceless.

Maggie in Seal Beach, CA

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I have been an avid fan of Bill O’Reilly since the late 90s. Watching The O’Reilly Factor in the aftermath of 9/11 provided me with incomparable reporting and facts. The Factor remained my main source of news for many years and major events. I’ve enjoyed reading many of Bill’s books and I related to his background growing up on Long Island in NY.

In the midst of a global pandemic and an economic crisis combined with the most important election of my lifetime, the regular media’s biased reporting became increasingly irritating and stressful for me. I searched for podcasts that I had heard Bill was providing and found The No Spin News. I applied for a Concierge Membership immediately!

The access to Bill’s email has just been invaluable. The questions and concerns I have almost daily are answered by Bill with just the facts - and knowing the facts alleviates so much anxiety. Reading the message boards with many like-minded, intelligent people has also been very resourceful as well as Bill’s articles and morning broadcasts. I am truly grateful for Bill and the No Spin News broadcast and I hope he’s here to stay.
Lorraine in Hauppauge, NY


Not only can I get answers to personal questions I may have, but also, and of more importance, I get straight unbiased news. I spent a career in the military protecting my country from Communism and other threats. Not being able to get straight news anymore is a big loss. It's a comfort to know that I can get information that is fact based instead of listening and reading modern day versions of TASS and Pravda. That is why I'm a lifetime Concierge Member. Keep up the good work and you owe us a clue on your next book which, if I understand correctly, is already written.
Bill in Elm Grove, LA

In today's world where the truth is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, and the cable media outlets deceive us, it is refreshing to be able to listen to Bill and contact him directly to get the truth. With the truth I can make the correct decisions for me and my family, I call that positive impact!
Bennett in San Diego, CA


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Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 11:05 AM
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READ: The Folks Love Concierge Membership
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