CNN is in Grave Danger
December 1, 2021

Because the left-wing media has turned on Chris Cuomo, CNN was forced to suspend him which the network did not want to do.

Long gone are any journalistic standards but AT&T, which owns CNN, has to know its news agency is in grave danger; hemorrhaging viewers and insulting people with corrupt coverage of current events. As Joe Biden might say: this is no joke.

When Governor Andrew Cuomo began to get accused of a variety of things, Chris Cuomo should have recused himself from covering the story. That's journalistic ethics 101. The fact that CNN did not insist on the recusal tells you all you need to know about that corrupt operation.

A New York State investigation into Andrew Cuomo uncovered his brother's emails showing Chris using his media position to help his beleaguered brother. So, now we know beyond any doubt. But we always knew, didn't we?

Most Americans in my opinion are unaware of just how harmful the corporate media is to the welfare of this country. It's been documented all day long but I'll remind you of two big ones.

The embrace of the phony Russian collusion story, which directly affected a presidency. And the near-total blackout of the Hunter Biden corruption story starring his laptop.

How long can a nation remain free if its press is dishonest? Interesting and important question. But few are asking it.

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Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 7:24 AM
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