Can Trump Win?
February 18, 2024

In just over eight months, the United States will change drastically. If President Biden or a progressive replacement wins, kiss traditional America goodbye and welcome in a brave new world of high taxes, permissive social behavior, and marketplace outcomes based on skin color and gender.

If Donald Trump prevails, conservative policies will come storming back with a vengeance. I use that word literally, not as a cliche.
Of course, the key question is: can Trump win?
He firmly believes he can despite all the legal and media attacks.
The former president bases his outlook on polling and his philosophy of believing what he wants to believe. Of course, that belief system hurt him after the 2020 vote, as we all know.
However, non-fact-based beliefs are not illegal. If they were, Joe Biden would be doing life.
And on the subject of the president, a recent article from Politico points out that not one high-profile Democrat has called for him to resign. The party is holding firm on a Biden candidacy despite the fact that he is in cognitive decline.
Better to have senility in the White House than Trump or any Republican. No matter how bad things get for Joe Biden on a variety of fronts, there will be no dissent from committed Democrats.
That kind of blind loyalty is something Putin and Xi would admire. No thought, no honest assessment of damage to the country. It's party above everything else.
I'm not sure Donald Trump fully understands the forces arrayed against him. Obviously, the justice system is being used to batter and bankrupt the man. The New York civil real estate case is a selective prosecution with no victims. The Atlanta vote prosecution is one of the biggest legal fiascos in recent history. The January 6 federal case is based on opinions, not hard evidence.
And then there is the corporate media that is now so anti-Trump that it is openly helping the Biden campaign. We cannot find a single pro-Trump pundit on any network TV news program. Please flag me if you see one.
Yet, Mr. Trump still has a chance to win because the Biden administration is a disaster. It has battered working Americans with inflation, compromised national security with the open border, and generally done nothing to solve ongoing problems.
President Carter was plenty bad. President Biden is worse.
But that will not matter if Donald Trump does not course correct a bit. Constant turmoil is not a pathway to the White House.
Trump has a solid record to run on, and it does not include Nikki Haley's husband, disparaging NATO allies, or mentioning Taylor Swift.
In order to beat Biden, Mr. Trump will have to choose his battles more carefully and stow the flame thrower, at least most of the time.
The big guy, as Hunter Biden calls his father, is shrinking right before our eyes. Ironically, the main person propping him up is his predecessor in the Oval Office.
Strange bedfellows, indeed.

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Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 8:28 AM
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Can Trump Win?
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