Listen: O'Reilly & Beck on the Tumultuous Week That Was
September 17, 2021

Bill joined Glenn Beck Friday to discuss the week’s most important stories, beginning with the absolute pandemonium at the southern border. Bill quipped that President Biden, emulating Nero, is fiddling while migrants flood into Texas. This week it was mostly Haitians, who essentially were granted a free pass by the administration.

The twosome also discussed President Biden’s far-left policies, which Bill surmises are the work of Chief of Staff Ron Klain and domestic advisor Susan Rice. The $3.5-trillion spending proposal, he declared, is all about giving people money so they vote Democratic. Bill urged Republican leaders in Congress to act as modern-day Paul Reveres and sound the alarm, concluding thusly: ‘You’re either going to try to save the country or you’re not!’

Posted by BOR Staff at 12:33 PM
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Listen: O'Reilly & Beck on the Tumultuous Week That Was
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