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October 28, 2019
In May, 2011, U.S. intelligence pinpointed the hiding place of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. President Obama then canvassed his top advisors about how to deal with the situation.
Almost all of them, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, encouraged Mr. Obama to order a special forces raid on bin Laden’s compound and, eventually, that’s what happened.  But there was one major dissenter:  Vice President Joe Biden.  His counsel was not to use military force.  Apparently, he feared “blowback” from Pakistan and political damage at home if the American action failed.
I thought of that this weekend when the ISIS butcher Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed by U.S. Special Forces in Northern Syria.  Joe Biden was quiet about the victory while President Trump was not; telling the world the ISIS leader got what he deserved and went out a coward.
Eight years ago, the bin Laden killing united most Americans.  We were happy the architect of 9/11 was gone.  I remember that my operation sold thousands of bumper stickers that read:  "Navy Seals 1, bin Laden 0.”
But the Trump takedown of the ISIS maniac was not greeted with universal applause.  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi whimpered that she wasn’t informed in advance.  Well, that might be because the President believed you would leak word of the raid, madame.  
Not a crazy thought.
Her fanatical cohort Congressman Adam Schiff issued a statement saying it was not the end of ISIS and criticizing Mr. Trump for his Syrian policy.  No joy from Schiff.
CNN host Jake Tapper, a devoted Trump hater, asked, what would ISIS do in response?  As if that should be a concern when trying to eliminate its leadership.
Another CNN “analyst” said that because the raid was a success, people that help America might be put at risk in the Middle East as if they aren’t at risk now.
Talk about ridiculous blather.
The sad truth is that Donald Trump will never be praised for anything, no matter how much it benefits the country.
Most Americans rightly praised President Obama for bold action in taking out bin Laden.  But President Trump gets little credit from the opposition in sending al-Baghdadi to the netherworld.
Something is very wrong when hatred overrides the national good.
Very wrong.
Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 8:56 AM
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