How Joe Biden Sees The Country
June 14, 2022

Do you ever wonder how President Biden sees the country in its present state? I do. We are in bad shape, and Putin didn't do it - Joe did. 

The stock market meltdown simply expands the inflation pain. It's obvious the financial industry has no confidence in Biden or his administration to problem solve. A recession is coming.
Only delusional people can still support this incompetent administration, and, like Putin, Trump has nothing to do with its failure. Despite Covid devastation, President Trump left Biden a robust economy and inflation at 1.4 percent. Hard to believe the quick collapse.
The essential reason things are heading to painful regions is Biden's focus on climate change and social justice.
Climate has led to higher prices, social justice to higher crime.
Like Jimmy Carter, Joe Biden will never cop to doing a bad job. Few incompetents do. And many who voted for Joe still see Trump as the problem. That's what the January 6th committee is all about.
But working folks now largely understand the great progressive con. Pain sharpens observation. And so Mr. Biden is finished as a credible leader.
But the destruction he has brought is not finished. And that makes me angry.

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Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 8:10 AM
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How Joe Biden Sees The Country
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