Corporations can be Brutal
October 5, 2021

It looks like the Viking Cruise Ship company will do the right thing and refund money to an 83-year-old Concierge Member diagnosed with cancer of the blood. That condition prevents her from vacationing at all.

Covid has badly damaged the cruise industry and vouchers are routinely issued rather than cash refunds. We understand. But sometimes the right thing to do overrides money. I'll have more to say about this tonight on the No Spin News.

Corporations are necessary in a capitalist society, but along with profit and employing people comes a sense of responsibility. Sadly, I've seen little of that in my career. Many large companies are simply brutal. That's why Bernie Sanders can get away with brutalizing them.

Now, I run my own corporation and I try to be fair and generous. Sometimes the right thing can be challenging, that is certainly true. But doing it elevates your life.

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Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 7:15 AM
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