See what Folks are saying about Concierge Membership
November 16, 2018
A few months ago, introduced a new tier of Premium Member service - and folks are loving it.

In addition to exclusive access to the No Spin News and all the other perks that come with being a PM, Concierge Members receive a higher level of service, including:

  • Direct email replies from Bill O'Reilly on matters of news, politics, policy, the country, and history - no personal or financial advice.
  • TWO FREE GIFTS each year, including "Killing the SS
  • 20% OFF all books and gear in our online store.

As a current Premium Member, your upgrade fee will be pro-rated. Upgrade your membership today! Or give Concierge membership as a gift.

Check out what Concierge Members are saying about the service:

I’m loving Concierge Membership. I’m 34 and started watching Bill after 9/11. I didn’t expect to like Premium Membership as much as his old show, but surprisingly I like it more. I think Bill is at his best when he reports from his house. The feel is more conversational. As for Concierge Membership, I’ll keep the questions to a minimum, as I know how busy he is. His first reply to me seemed genuine, and certainly made it worth the extra $50. I’m also looking forward to my Take Your Country Back coffee mug! - 
Chad, Little Rock, Arkansas 

We are pleased to report that we LOVE Concierge Membership.  What a thrill to be able to ask Bill a question and have a personal response.  My husband, Lee, and I made a promise that we would never abuse this terrific feature of our Concierge Membership. Thank you for all you do to shed light on where America came from through your historical books; where America stands today and where it will stand tomorrow. - 
Elise, San Antonio, Texas
So far as Concierge Membership is concerned, I enjoy the ability to contact Bill 1-on-1 for his perspective on current as well as historical events. His insights and ability to explain sometimes complex issues in easy terms on the regular podcasts are terrific, and I like to get more from him on certain issues that there may not have been time to discuss. I think the service is excellent in its current form. Thanks very much for the incredible service you provide - bringing sanity to an otherwise insane media. - Kenneth, Kinnelon, New Jersey
Being able to communicate directly with you is by far the greatest Concierge Member benefit for me. To say we have similar backgrounds and worldviews would be an understatement. Watching you on The Factor for 20 years and now on has allowed me to feel like I wasn't alone in the world that has gone off the deep end. Thanks for all you do. I share it with anyone who will listen. Most don't and some are afraid to but I will never stop trying and I know you won't either.  - Michael, Neptune Beach, Florida
I like the Concierge service very much -  nice to get straight answers to my questions when they arise.- Murray, Monroe, Washington

Concierge Membership comes with  two FREE books per year and also gets you direct email access to ask O’Reilly questions on policy, history, or most anything else. Upgrade your membership today! 

Or give Concierge membership as a gift.

Posted by BOR Staff at 8:52 PM
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See what Folks are saying about Concierge Membership
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