Impeachment and the Weak 2020 Dem Field
November 6, 2019

Hey, Bill O'Reilly here, and this is the Talking Points Memo for Newsmax.

Let's assess where the Democrats are in putting forth candidates to run against Donald Trump. One of the reasons that impeachment has been embraced by Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats, is because the party does not believe it has a strong candidate to go up against Donald Trump in 2020.

There is no Bill Clinton. There is no Barack Obama. There is no Hillary Clinton, who turned out not to be a good campaigner, but had name recognition and support.

So, Beto O'Rourke dropped out this week. He was the nastiest and most radical, if you can believe it, of all of them. He was polling after all the millions of dollars that he spent, something like 21 million, one point six percent. That's how nasty and far left he was. Bye Beto, you've ruined your political career and that's good.

Now, Castro, the other radical from south Texas, he's polling at zero point six percent. He's trying to hang on to get into the November debate in a couple of weeks, it's not going to happen. He is not going to get into the debate. So it's bye bye to the two radicals. He'll be out soon.

Amy Klobuchar, the senator from Minnesota, polling at one point nine percent, and again, she spent millions and millions of dollars and nobody's responding to what she's doing. Now, again, she wants to get in the debate. Remember, these people all have agendas, and the agenda is, if I get famous, I can make money, speeches, books, that kind of thing. What else does she have to do, Amy Klobuchar? She is a senator from Minnesota.

Democrats aren't doing anything as far as legislation is concerned. They want to impeach the president, get him out. That's all they're doing. The next guy is Pete Buttigieg, who is polling at 7 percent, which is pretty good for a small town mayor. In Iowa, he's gaining traction. So Buttigieg is going to baround.

Kamala Harris, they thought was going gonna be a star. She has failed dismally on the campaign trail, polling a three point five percent, again after spending millions and millions of dollars. She's pulled her crew out of New Hampshire, which is the death knell. You can't pull your crew out of New Hampshire, first primary in January.

So she's going and that leaves us with a three, what they call viable candidates, but Bernie Sanders is not viable. Alright, so he is down at 17 percent lower than he was running against Hillary Clinton four years ago. The senator is a tired guy. He's had a heart attack. I'm mean thats pretty, and I give him credit. I mean, he snapped back fast from the heart attack, but he's old. He's an old guy and his message is the same as it's always been. Not going to get more than 17 percent, Bernie, of your own party. 

The Democrats know that  Bernie Sanders doesn't have a chance. So the real far lefties have come over to Elizabeth Warren, who's now getting eviscerated because her vision of the country, bankrupting pretty much every fossil fuel company, putting insurance companies out of business, would lead to a national depression, not a recession, a depression. Her spending on Medicare for all, baby sitters for all. I mean, free education, we will pay your debt. It's insane and everybody knows it.

There was an editorial in The Wall Street Journal that just laid out how her economic vision can't possibly happen. Not enough money in the country to fund what she wants to fund.

21 percent and Biden, 29 percent. Now, these percentages all come from, they do a summation of all the polls. So that's where these stats are coming from. So Biden, you know, a pretty healthy lead and I continue to say he will get the nomination unless somebody else comes in, but he's taking a pounding over Ukraine and don't think this message hasn't gotten out, it has, it is out. Biden is an old time, he's a patronage guy. He did some things to enrich his family, particularly his son, Hunter, that he should not have done. You know, on the stage, Biden, Trump.

I watched Biden debate, what's her name? The former governor of Alaska? I can't believe it. Sarah Palin. Talk about being old. Sarah Palin and Joe Biden, remember that debate? Biden didn't beat her. Sarah held her own. Biden... Trump,  but I still think that Biden is got the best shot.

So, when you're faced with that and you are the Democratic Party power brokers, the money men, the high up DNC people, you got to get trust before the election, and that's what's going on.

I'm Bill O'Reilly, that is the Talking Points Memo for Newsmax. We will see you soon.


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Impeachment and the Weak 2020 Dem Field
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