READ: Bill's Message on the Kobe Bryant Tragedy
January 27, 2020
Actually had a nightmare last night about my own daughter and I having a hardship traveling.  Very disturbing.
That, of course, was off the Kobe Bryant tragedy in which he and his 13 year old daughter died in a helicopter explosion.
I knew Mr. Bryant a little, he watched the Factor and was curious about how we put things together.  He was a smart, articulate, and charming guy.  His athleticism was magnificent.
January 21 marked the anniversary of my best friend’s death in a helicopter crash.  Joe Spencer was an ABC News correspondent covering a labor dispute in Minnesota when he lost his life.  Recently married, he was just 31 when he passed.
Tonight I will discuss sudden disaster on the No Spin News.  See you beginning at 7 eastern.

Posted by BOR Staff at 11:28 AM
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READ: Bill's Message on the Kobe Bryant Tragedy
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